Camping in the Dolomites: 3 weeks with a camper van

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In this series of “my travel journal”, we present people and their travel experience with the campervan/RV in Europe. They are our customers, our team members or our collaborators. They will tell you what attracted them to camping in the first place and what it is about their chosen destinations that move them. And of course, useful camping tips are to be shared!

My name is Kasper, I’m freelance filmmaker from Denmark and I spend three weeks discovering the Italian Alps with my girlfriend Louise and our dog Woody. We have travelled a lot in the past, but mostly as backpackers, and this trip was our first time in a camper.

A woman and her dog enjoying the sunset view of the Dolomites next to a camper van, the VW Grand California 600

When we are travelling, we do it to discover nature, especially by hiking. As a filmmaker and photographer, a camper van makes perfect sense, as it gives me the best opportunities to be on location at sunrise and sunset, when the light is best, and wild camping in a camper often makes it possible to walk straight from the camper to the trailhead and enjoy the start of the hike as the sun rises.

And it was surprisingly easy to find free, but beautiful parking spots on our trip.

Where did you go and what do you like most about the destinations you visited?

We went to the Italian Alps, and the Dolomites is just one of our favourites, with beautiful scenery and great biodiversity. The landscape and hiking opportunities at Lake Iseo was a great surprise (Last part of the video)

How did you like the VW Grand California?

The VW Grand California is a big camper, but still easy to drive, even on small narrow mountain roads. But on our next trip we will try a different camper, as we don’t think the inside of the camper suited our needs. But as we were wild camping in the mountains, the toilet and the solar panels was really appreciated.

VW Grand California camper van among the Italian Alps, the Dolomites, Italy

Where did you stay overnight?

We stayed at small parking spots, in the mountains, often next to the road and with a great view. We used park4night to find places close to the trail we wanted to hike the following day. Traffic on the road wasn’t a big issue, as there often wasn’t any traffic on the small roads during nighttime, so it was quiet and peaceful.

A woman laying comfortably inside the camper van enjoying the view of pine trees and foggy mountain VW Grand California parks at night on the side of the road in Italy overlooking a city by the lake filled with lights

What are the must-haves for your travel and your type of activities?

The camper provided us almost with everything we needed, but when travelling I can’t live without my camera and hiking shoes.

Any advice for dog-owner out there?

Woody loves hiking, and we think he had an awesome trip. And with the dog package we got with the camper, we had everything we needed. If your dog likes driving, we think a camper is a perfect way to bring your dog on adventures.

A woman and her dog on top of a mountain overlooking the breathtaking view of Lake Como, Italy

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