How to book a camper with FreewayCamper

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Do you want to book a camper with FreewayCamper and are unsure exactly how it works or what camper would work best for you? We show you step by step how to find and book the perfect camper.

How to book a camper:

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Fill in all the details in the booking mask

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In the booking mask, fill in your intended travel dates, select your nearest camper location and select how many people are travelling. When you click search, it will show you all campers which suit your search preference and are available for booking.

Step 3: Select your favourite camper and click book

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Choose a camper that suits you best and click book. Under the details section, camper specific information is available.

Step 4: Fill in personal info and contact details

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Fill in your details (first and last name and full address) and contact details (e-mail and phone number). If you are using a discount code, fill in the discount code in the provided space. The price below will change according to the code. Once all information is complete, click continue.

Note: we use dynamic pricing, which means as demand surges the price increases. This is the same pricing model that plane, train and bus tickets use.

Step 5: Select your optional extras

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At FreeewayCamper, there are many additional services you can book. We offer dog packages, bike racks, improved insurance and much more. Once you have selected your extra services, click the make a reservation button.

Step 6: Select your favourite payment method

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At FreewayCamper, you can pay via credit card, Klana sofort, SEPA direct debit, Giro card or PayPal. Ensure that you have selected the correct camper and travel dates. Also, ensure all desired extra services are in your cart. Select what payment method works for you and then click and click pay now. Now follow the selected payment methods instructions on the screen.

Step 7: You have booked a camper

After you have paid, you will get a confirmation mail for your booking.

Step 8: Pick up and let the adventure begin!

3 days before your adventure begins, our station staff will contact you to determine an exact pick-up and drop-off time. You can now pick up your camper on the selected date and let the adventure begin.


How do I choose a camper?

Choosing a camper all comes down to personal preference and practicality. Do you want the iconic VW bus, a fully equipped Pössl or the luxury of Mercedes? Try and visualize your trip to see what you need to make it successful. Do you need an all-wheel drive, a toilet, how much water do you need? Under our camper details, we share everything there is to know about the vehicle.

Still unsure what camper suits you best? Contact our customer service via the chat function or under +49 89 889 970 86.

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