Pentecost camping vacation

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Camping vacations at Pentecost are the best choice in 2021. Whether a long weekend or one to two weeks on the road - with a camper you can not go wrong at Pentecost! So go ahead and use the free days over Pentecost to finally leave your own four walls and get a taste of freedom.

With your camper you are flexible in your vacation planning, you can keep the hygiene rules perfectly and thanks to the opening of some campsites you can finally enjoy the vanlife to the fullest again!

Campsites open again

For the Pentecost vacation, relaxations are planned in many federal states. On the Whitsun weekend, campgrounds are allowed to reopen in counties in Bavaria and cities with low Corona numbers. Guests must present a current negative Corona test in each case to use them - provided the incidence is between 50 and 100.

Openings of campgrounds in Hessen

As of May 17, campgrounds in counties and independent cities with an incidence below 100 can reopen. However, initially only with a maximum occupancy rate of 60 percent. So make your reservations in good time if you're planning a vacation to Hesse!

Lower Saxony plans cautious openings

As of May 10, campgrounds will be allowed to reopen with an incidence below 100 - but for now only for travelers from Lower Saxony. The occupancy limit is initially 60 percent. Two weeks later, it will be examined whether vacationers from other federal states and perhaps even from abroad will also be allowed to come to Lower Saxony for overnight tourist stays.

Rheinland-Pfalz considers relaxation for vacationers

In Rheinland-Pfalz, too, there could soon be relaxations due to declining infection figures. However, only in regions with an incidence below 100 and under Corona conditions. Relaxations are planned for the Whitsun weekend. Campsites are to reopen and make it possible for you to spend a relaxed long weekend.

Camping in Schleswig-Holstein

From May 17, lodging establishments may reopen and accommodate guests for tourist and other private purposes from all federal states, subject to compliance with certain requirements. Only in districts and independent cities where the regulations of the federal emergency brake take effect, tourist accommodation is prohibited.

Campsites open in Lower Saxony

From May 10, the campsites in Lower Saxony open and allow you to enjoy your camping vacation on Pentecost. Counties and municipalities that have a 7-day incidence of less than 100 can again cautious opening steps

Vacations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

From 14.06. camping is possible again in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania! Unfortunately not to the Pentecost weekend, but nevertheless the vacation can and should already be booked.

Camping from 15.05. in North Rhine-Westphalia

Tourist overnight stay are permitted from 15 May on campsites from an incidence below 100 again. So nothing stands in the way of your camping vacation at Pentecost.

Pentecost vacationers in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Baden-Württemberg also opens the campsites for the Whitsun weekend. Tourist overnight stays are planned again on 15 May!

Saxony-Anhalt opens from 08.05.

Tourist overnight stays are possible in Saxony-Anhalt from 08.05. with an incidence under 100 again!

Pentecost vacationers in Brandenburg

Tourist overnight stays and dir opening of campsites is allowed again in Brandenburg from 22.05. with an incidence below 100.

Thuringia opens campsites from 06.05.

Campgrounds are again allowed to receive guests in Thuringia if the incidence is below 100. The regulation comes into effect immediately.

Camping an Pfingsten
Where can you currently travel outside of Germany?
Austria opens campsites from the 19th of May

The Austrian government has announced that large parts of the economy and therefore tourism will reopen on May 19 (as of 04/26/2021), as long as all hygiene measures are followed. Please note to reserve your pitch before your trip. Also, be sure to check all applicable quarantine regulations, as they can change very quickly. A vacation is necessary with a survived infection, a vaccination certificate or a PCR test.

Travel to Switzerland possible again

Tourism in Switzerland opens again. Entries are possible without a test.

Italy we are coming

From 02.06. you can travel to Italy again without having to go into quarantine. Only a PCR test is necessary for entry.


Tourism in Denmark will be open again from 01.05. on. Fully vaccinated and tested persons can enjoy relaxed vacations there again.

Poland from 15.05.

Under certain circumstances camping in the wild is possible in Poland from 04.05.2021. For this purpose there is a map with 425 forest areas and marked areas. You can find more information here! Please inform yourself about entry regulations and quarantine regulations in time before your trip. From 15.05. the campsites are open again, for the overnight stay there a vaccination proof or a PCR test is necessary.

Spain opens the doors

For the entry to Spain a PCR test is necessary. Some areas are still considered risk areas, but Mallorca and Ibiza are excluded.

Pentecost in Croatia

Gastronomy, hotels and campsites in Croatia are open again and waiting for you and your camper.

For more information regarding Corona check our Website!

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Your FreewayCamper Team

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