Must-haves for your camping trip

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Whether you are a camping beginner or an experienced camper, with these must-haves you are perfectly equipped for the van life and your camper is super packed for every adventure, because independence on camping vacations is especially important!

Fritz Berger und FreewayCamper
The cooking experience in the camper

Restaurant feeling in your own camper and enjoy your home-cooked meal with the best view? That's easy with great equipment that you get from us in addition to your booked camper.

1. Premium pot set
Cooking in the camper can be so easy with the right equipment. The pot set is part of our kitchen package and consists of a pot, two saucepans and pans. Thanks to the removable handle, it is easy to transport and takes up little space.

2. Cutlery tray
There's nothing more annoying than losing your cutlery at the campsite or having it all rolling around loose in your camper. For that we have a cutlery box. The cutlery box is adjustable so you can use it in different ways. Whether you have a lot of cutlery or not much, with this cutlery box losing your cutlery is history!

3. Salad bowl
With a successful menu, of course, the salad can not be missing and no on a camping trip you do not have to do without a salad bowl. We have in our equipment a very special salad bowl for you. Thanks to its shape, it is perfectly suitable for camping vacations and offers a special staying power. In addition, it is made of the new koziol Organic material with natural cellulose: environmentally friendly, food safe and 100% recyclable!

4. Tableware set
The dinnerware set for four includes everything you need for a perfect breakfast with the whole family or a romantic dinner for two at sunset. Four dessert plates, dinner plates, bowls and cups made of durable, unbreakable as well as easy to clean material.

Kochen im Camper
The mobile toilet

To be able to travel completely independent and free, a mobile toilet is an advantage. It increases the comfort of camping and allows you to enjoy your vacation away from the crowd. The perfect solution for nature lovers and wild campers, as you only need to empty it every two or three days. How this works and what you still have to pay attention to you will learn in our blog post!

You can add our camping toilet to the vans for 29 €!

Mobile Toilette FreewayCamper

Together with our cooperation partner "Fritz Berger" we would like to make your camping experience even more enjoyable. These 5 must-haves for your camping trip make cooking in the camper a great experience and allow you pure freedom and independence.

Here are our favorites from Fritz Berger:

For even more must-haves for a camping trip, take a look at our website and discover all the additional services. Whether it's towels, bed linen or an outdoor package with table and chairs for the perfect dinner moment with a panoramic view in front of your camper - at FreewayCamper we offer you the complete camping experience with all the trimmings!

Your FreewayCamper Team

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