Dream destinations: 6 late summer tips for camping in September

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September rarely inspires thoughts of vacation and travel. That's just for June, July and August! But that couldn't be further from the truth. Late summer offers warm and sunny weather in many areas of Europe, ideal for fun in and around the water. Other places are even better experienced at temperatures slightly below the oppressive heat of midsummer. Yet in other regions, September is the real highlight of summer when it comes to weather. But there is one thing that all these destinations have in common – the end of the school holidays and high season leave deserted beaches, campsites and promenades behind.

All advantages in a nutshell

  • Less tourists
  • Lower prices – take advantage of Last-minute offers
  • Pleasant temperatures
  • Free spots on campsites

Let yourself be inspired by our ideas or let your own creative juices flow.

Beach holiday in Corsica

Average 23°C and 1 rainy day

Beach vacation in September? You bet! The beach Plage de Saleccia in the north of Corsica is considered as one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Europe. On France's Mediterranean island, September is still warm and summery and leaves nothing to be desired when compared to August. The water also still has the perfect temperature for bathing.

Rocky bay with turquoise sea on L'Île Rousse.

If you decide to kickstart your adventure by crossing over on a ferry, there are more than 200 campsites waiting for you and your camper all over the island. The Birth Island of Napoleon Bonaparte is more varied than almost any other area in Europe. You will notice this the moment Corsica first comes into view. Right behind the white sandy beaches with their turquoise waters the rough mountains of the rugged inland rise towards the sky with their winding roads on which you can encounter wild pigs and mountain goats. But don’t be worried, with the right camper, even these adventurous paths are no obstacle on your journey of discovery of this unique island.

Need more culture?

City Tour in Northern Italy

Average 18-25°C and 5 rainy days

You've always wanted to see the impressive Duomo of Florence, the Romeo and Juliet’s Balcony in Verona, or the canals and bridges of Venice, but didn't feel like forcing yourself through crowds of tourists in the stifling heat? Just visit these pearls of Italian culture in September. With pleasant temperatures around 20°C, you can marvel at the sights of northern Italy without breaking a sweat.

The Grand Canal in Venice at sunset.

The cities of northern Italy are centres of European culture, each one worth a visit. But no need to limit yourself. With a camper you are free and unbound. Be spontaneous! Milan, Turin, Genoa, Florence, be wherever you want, whenever you want. Did you fall in love with the old town of Bologna and want to spend more time in Piazza Maggiore? Just stay another day. Another advantage of traveling in September: the pleasantly mild temperatures won’t melt your well-deserved ice cream on the spot.

Tip – Even when camping on the Croatian coast, Venice can be easily reached by boat as a day trip.

Need more action?

Hiking in the Saxon Switzerland National Park

Average 16-24°C and 6 rainy days

September is the ideal month to explore this natural wonder of Germany. In fact, early autumn is even the warmest and sunniest time of the year in this region. The impressive Elbe Sandstone Mountains with their bizarre rock formations stretch from Pirna all the way to the Czech Republic, where it ends as Bohemian Switzerland.

The Bastei Bridge in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains of Saxon Switzerland.

Try to spot the local lynx on one of the numerous hiking trails, or simply enjoy the breathtaking view from the famous Bastei Bridge. The sporty campers may enjoy the plethora of via ferrata that can be found all over the mountains. These challenging paths let you reach more remote places where you can fully engulf yourself in the silence of nature.

Tip – Sturdy footwear is recommended here.

Ready for your biggest adventure?

Wanderlust destination Norway

FWC Camper at the Norwegian coast, with sea and mountains in the background.

It is not without reason that Norway is always brought up when it comes to dream destinations for motorhome travel. This wild, untamed land has long inspired the desires and dreams of many. If you want to see Norway in its entirety all the way from Oslo up to the Lofoten, it is advisable to plan a long-term trip so that you have enough time to explore the many sights. Whale watching offers an unforgettable experience. If you want to observe the majestic whales in their natural habitat, the place to be is Andenes in the very north of the Vesterålen. There, the guides guarantee a whale encounter during any season for their whale safaris.

Two humpback whales dive off a mountainous coast.

In addition to its breathtaking fjords and stunning landscapes, Norway is also notorious for its breathtaking and stunning prices. But is that true? Traveling with a camper, you will find that especially campsites are quite cheap. Wild camping is also open to anyone who can behave themselves in nature. To bring down costs even further, you use the capacities of your RV to bring non-perishable food from home. Following these tips, you will find that a holiday in Norway does not have to be expensive. What it is guaranteed, however, is a unique experience.

Tip – Bring your credit card, in many places it is the only accepted form of payment.

Our insider tip...

Experience Brittany

Average 18-20°C and 5 rainy days

Perhaps a little less known as a holiday region, Brittany is a spectacular destination for camping trips. From the wild coasts in the north to the picturesque sandy beaches in the south, Brittany offers something for every taste. Marvel at the impressive menhirs and rows of stones in the homeland of the indomitable Gauls or follow in the footsteps of Commissioner Dupin and visit the locations of his well-known crime novels.

Rocky cliff over the sea with white castle ruins.

Numerous campsites stretch along the coasts, perfect for an unforgettable round trip. Stop at one of the idyllic villages and enjoy mussels and oysters, fresh from the local markets.

Tip – Brittany is home to the famous Crêpes Bretonnes. Don't miss out on this delicacy on your journey.

Are you more of a night owl?

Marvel at stars in the Westhavelland Nature Park

We have always been fascinated by the starry night sky, captivating us with its unfathomable beauty. It stimulates our imagination and makes us question our very place within the endless cosmos. A rare opportunity for all stargazers will present itself in early autumn when Earth aligns itself in between Jupiter and the Sun. Even though Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it will never be as visible as it is during that night.

FWC Campervan stands on a nocturnal road in the mountains in front of a starry sky.

Far away from the light pollution of cities and roads, dark sky reserves, such as the Westhavelland Nature Park, offer the optimal conditions to enjoy the splendour of the starry sky in its entirety. Stargazing and camping is the ideal combination. Just imagine lying on your back in your bed and above you the Milky Way sparkles in all its glory. Can there even be anything more impressive or romantic?

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