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Many people are drawn out into nature, to experience adventure and to leave everyday life behind. Vacation and absolute freedom are at the top of the list for many. But spending a few days in a camper and the great outdoors presents a challenge for some and can be daunting for newcomers.

But don't worry, camping with FreewayCamper is super easy and before you know it, you'll be driving off station in one of our campers and cooking your three-course meal in the kitchens in one of our campers.

Prepare yourself

Whether you want to travel in a maneuverable small camper or prefer to rent a self-sufficient model with an integrated bathroom, we offer a camper for all camping needs. In addition, you can book various additional services, such as towels, bed linen or even a child or dog equipment for your trip.

On our blog we show you many different destinations. Whether in the north of Europe, classic in the south or the short trip to a city over the weekend. Let yourself be inspired by our articles or the experiences of our customers.

Our customer service and our team at the stations will guide you through all the important organizational points and explain to you exactly how to handle your camper

Wintercamping mit FreewayCamper
Tips for your camping trip

#Don't take too much luggage

Most of the time you have too much luggage with you on vacation, right? That's probably the case for most people, and when you're camping you should make sure you only pack what you need. On the one hand, you don't always have to rearrange your things and on the other hand, you're usually out in nature and don't need that much. Stow everything in the cupboards in the camper or travel with light bags. You can find a packing list here!

#Secure your load

If your load is not secured, you and your fellow travelers can easily get hurt. Therefore, make sure you always stow and secure everything well. Dishes and kitchen utensils can be stored in the cupboards in the camper and the rest in the trunk. Safety first!


Wild camping is not allowed in every country, so you can't always camp at your favorite spot by the lake or in the woods. You can find tips on where to spend the night in the app "Park4night". So find out in advance about your destination and where wild camping is allowed in Europe and where not.

#Take trash with you

Out in nature, enjoying the panorama and garbage? That doesn't fit. Always make sure that you leave your campsite as you found it. Do not leave garbage and dispose of it in the designated places. It's best to pack a garbage bag and collect everything there until you arrive back at a garbage disposal station.

#Dispose of waste water

Disposing of wastewater in your camper is just as much a part of enjoying the view. Always make sure you empty the waste water before you start your trip. Otherwise it can overflow on steep curves and run into the interior of your camper. Campgrounds and sites have extra stations to properly dispose of your water.

Wintercamping mit FreewayCamper

Make your camping adventure relaxed. Don't plan too much, but don't plan too little either! To avoid stress, plan a little buffer. Be spontaneous, because that is the advantage of a camper trip. If you would like to plan a little more, book your campsites directly on our site and start your adventure!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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