With the campervan to the south

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You can feel the tires on the road, the endless freedom and eagerly await the next stop on your campervan tour. The whole world is at your feet and you don't have to commit to a destination, because with your home on wheels you are at home everywhere. We'll show you the best destinations for you and your camper in the south.

Whether Italy, Croatia or France - each country offers something very special for your vanlife in the FrrewayCamper!

Travel Italy in a campervan
Campen in Italien

You have surely been to Italy before, but also with your campervan? The peninsula south of the Alps has long been one of Europe's most popular destinations and is especially worth a trip with a campervan. Bright sun, crystal clear water and beautiful scenery - whether Venice, Rome or Sicily, the places in Italy offer worth seeing architecture, art and culinary highlights.

With a camper you can experience the landscape up close. Visit the mountains of South Tyrol, lie in the sun in Tuscany or on the Adriatic coast. Even a side trip to the islands of Sicily or Sardinia are no problem thanks to your mobile home.

So how about a road trip across Italy? - Find great campsites in Italy right here and book your entire trip.

With the camper through Croatia
Campen in Kroatien

Waking up right next to the sea and hearing the sound of the waves, lying in a hammock under the pine trees or strolling through the alleys of an old town - that describes the perfect camping vacation in Croatia.

Croatia is one of the most popular vacation regions. The nature is beautiful, sandy beaches or coasts and cities full of culture. There is something for everyone when camping in Croatia. The country is at any time of the year, without a doubt, a very beautiful country with many possibilities and many facets.

Whether Dubrovnik - a city directly on the sea, Split - known for its great beaches or Zagreb - the capital of the country with the beautiful Austro-Hungarian architecture from the 18th and 19th century! Croatia offers great sights and places of relaxation for every camper's heart.

Take a look at one of our campsites in Croatia and book your summer vacation with all the trimmings!

The different camping vacation in France
Campen in Frankreich

France convinces with its diversity. The beauty of Brittany, steep coasts in Normandy or the south of the country with the lavender fields and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea at the Côte d'Azur. The country is perfect for campers and has many different campsites with great infrastructure and leisure facilities.

But not only the rural regions invite you to camp in France, also the cities offer many possibilities. From Bordeaux, to Nantes, to Paris - all this you can also travel with your camper. It is recommended to park a little outside and visit the cities by public transport, but in the evening you can relax back in your camper and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you.

Discover the breath-taking culture and landscape of France and travel this country with your camper from FreewayCamper!

Explore Spain in your camper
Campen in Spanien

Driving along the coasts of Spain with a camper or rather exploring Barcelona? In a camper you are free and can combine both. So how about a round trip through Spain?

With over 5000 kilometres of coastline, Spain is just made for a trip along the sea: pure sun, delicious tapas and the sound of the wave right after waking up. Spain with a camper is perfect for all beach vacationers and bon vivants. But not only the beaches offer a great panorama, also Catalonia and the city of Barcelona is perfect for a camper trip. Park your camper outside the city and explore Barcelona by public transport or on foot.

Want to see extraordinary buildings, great beaches and deep blue water? Then rent a camper and let's go!

Camping Paradise Portugal
Campen in Lissabon

Beach vacations in the Algarve are also possible with a campervan. Long stretches of coastline, deep blue sea and the perfect waves for the surfers among you. Exploring Portugal with a campervan is so easy and meanwhile there is a great infrastructure and many campsites. Many museums, culinary highlights and sportive offers complete your vanlife adventure.

Between Peniche and Sages, you can find beautiful spots and also the city of Porto - the artist city with the numerous bridges - is not yet as crowded as Lisbon. However, if you want to visit both cities, you can combine this with a road trip along the coast. Go ahead and rent your camper!

Find your perfect camper and start your adventure. North or south, cities or nature, beach or mountains - camping offers so many possibilities to combine all that and create your individual camping vacation.

Dive into the country of your choice and experience your vanlife highlight of the year!

Your FreewayCamper Team

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