W Marco Polo do Szwajcarii

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Mit dem Camper in die Schweiz Campen in der Schweiz
3. What tips do you have for camping in the fall?

Definitely the right equipment including warm clothes and headlamp. It's also best to sleep downstairs, it was already too chilly upstairs in the roof tent. Another tip - check the opening hours of the campsites. Many have already closed at this time of year. Here, the park4night app has also helped us a lot and, in the case of closed campsites, recommended good parking places to stay overnight.

4. What should you as a photographer take with you on a camping trip?

Different lenses for different scenarios. On a road trip you never know where the trip will go, because you are so spontaneous and fleixibel. Therefore, the right lens must be there in any case. And of course, the charging cable must not be missing.

Campen in der Schweiz
5. What is your tip for a successful camper photo?

A successful camper photo is taken in the morning at sunrise or in the evening at sunset. Here the light conditions are the best. But even in rainy weather you can capture very good "moody looks" and make pictures of cloudy sky or mountains.

6. What do you like most about camping?

Definitely the flexibility and the closeness to nature. Our plan was actually to make a stop in Engadin. After a short phone call with the campsite and the info of half a meter of fresh snow, we changed our route and ended up in Appenzell. Waking up in the morning with mountain scenery is indescribable.

Aufwachen im Camper

Thank you both for the great pictures and impressions of your trip! We are looking forward to more adventures with you and our campers!

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