Planning your 2021 roadtrip

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Travelling pleasure, the longing to discover something new, to leave familiar surroundings and discover the wide world! Even if travel plans in 2020 could not usually take place as planned, the desire to explore the world remains. The desire to travel remains unbroken and many people appreciate all the more the freedom to sit in a camper and start their adventure.

The time at home has led to the fact that we see ourselves more than ever after the world out there and no longer take it for granted to travel to other countries and be at home in the world. With a camper, you are free and easy. At FreewayCamper we will show you great experiences and ways to travel for your 2021 adventure.

Your camper vacation with family and friends

Visits by friends and family were limited in 2020. So how about a vacation together? Enjoying time together, long and exuberant conversations in front of the camper, and just relaxing. Together with us, you can make this dream come true. Our campers are fully equipped and offer everything your camper's heart desires. Whether the adventurous van with a pop-up roof for up to four people or one of our Pössl models with an integrated bathroom. Family and friends are among the most important things in life. So why not get into the camper together, leave everyday life behind and set off for freedom?

FreewayCamper Trip with family
Relaxation and luxury in a camper

2020 was marked by a standstill in travel. Vacations and time outdoors have been seen as much more than a luxury good ever since. Vacations and spontaneous trips are no longer taken for granted. With a camper, however, you are flexible and can be on the road even when the hotels are closed. Our Knaus Live I offers you the possibility to combine luxury, relaxation, and freedom. See traveling as a luxurious experience that nobody can take away from you and enjoy every moment.

FreewayCamper Trip Luxus

Adventure Alone

Many people want to find themselves, not be restricted by anyone, and enjoy the peace. So why not get into a camper alone and let yourself drift? Distance from everyday life means relaxation for many. Dare and experience your own personal adventure. Grab our MINI with roof tent, feel free, and let nothing and no one stops you. Learn more about this topic in our blogpost: Camping adventures alone!

FreewayCamper Campingabenteuer alleine mit dem MINI Countryman
Culture and culinary delights

Have you ever looked beyond your own nose and explored your surroundings more closely? For example, how is the culinary scene in your neighboring state changing? Traveling in your own country and the surrounding area is a new way to discover the world. Culture and cuisine are at the top of the list. Book a camper and travel through your home country. Explore the culture more closely and discover great new culinary delights that you can easily cook up in our campers with the integrated kitchen. Hungry? Then let's get started on your culinary adventure.

FreewayCamper Campingabenteuer Kultur und Kulinarik

Spontaneous weekend trips

The year 2021 will also be marked by the Corona Pandemic. Travel plans can be thwarted. But isn't it also exciting to get away from it all just for a few days? We at FreewayCamper offers a new model and allows you to start a spontaneous weekend vacation at any time. Rent one of our campers as your everyday car and drive away anytime you want. Whether you are on the road for several weeks or just a few days - with our long-term package you are flexible and prepared for all situations.

FreewayCamper Campingabenteuer Langzeitmiete

We wish you great experiences, exciting adventures, and many trips in 2021.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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