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The measures restrict us all, but camping, in particular, offers a way to get out and plan a vacation for 2021. We've got you covered here with all the important information you need to know about FreewayCamper precautions, the perfect self-sufficient camper, and special protections and regulations you need to be aware of.

This article will be updated regularly and is intended to give you a summary of camping during Corona. We want you to have a carefree vacation, but you should still check the official websites to find out what rules apply.

New classifications and travel regulations

Since .01.August 2021 a new regulation is valid. Please always find out before you travel what you need to enter another country. This can be an online registration, a negative PCR test/vaccinated/genetically tested or contain a quarantine obligation.

You can find detailed information on the respective page of the German Foreign Office.

All info at a glance
Corona Update
Vacation planning 2021

The most important points in your 2021 vacation planning is probably a high level of safety in times of pandemic. Campers can offer you exactly that. Own kitchen and bathroom in the camper, flexibility, and vacation far away from the masses. We show you how your vacation 2021 will be a dream trip - thanks to FreewayCamper! Traveling by campervan was very popular in 2020 and is also the safest way to travel in 2021. Destinations within Germany, as well as countries like Croatia, Italy, or Spain, are on the wish list. So it's worth booking early to secure the camper of your dreams and find the perfect period. You still remain flexible, because at FreewayCamper you can cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the trip until 30.09.2021 and receive a value voucher for it or rebook your trip for another period in 2021. If you're still a little unsure, here are some answers about camping in the Corona crisis.

1. What does traveling mean in 2021?

2. What are the possibilities offered by FreewayCamper?

3. Camping as the best form of travel in the Corona pandemic

4. Important links and information before you start your trip

5. Foreign office - travel app

Reisen trotz Corona mit FreewayCamper
1. What does travel mean in 2021?

Traveling in 2021 means being free and enjoying. That's exactly what you can experience with a camper. It offers you safety, protection from the masses, and a lot of flexibility concerning your travel destination. You can therefore adapt to all measures at any time and, thanks to our flexible rebooking options, also rely on us in critical situations, change your travel date, and live your freedom in the camper. You can find all the information you need in our FAQs!

2. What are the possibilities offered by FreewayCamper?

Camping vacations allow you to switch off, slow down and see the essential things in life again. Start your adventure and recharge your batteries surrounded by nature - alone or with your favorite people. In addition to self-sufficient campers and flexible cancellation options, we offer you special attention to the cleaning and disinfection of our campers.

Self-sufficient campers

Especially advantageous in this time are self-sufficient campers, i.e. those with a fully equipped bathroom incl. toilet and shower, a kitchen, and a self-sufficient energy supply, e.g. via a solar panel, to make your vacation as independent and contactless as possible.

The following of our models offer you this comfort:

Also our vans like the VW Bulli California Ocean and the Pössl Campster as well as our MINI (bookable) are equipped with a kitchen. Besides, you can rent a mobile toilet, an additional cool box, and an outdoor shower from us to make your camping trip even more self-sufficient with these models as well.


We at FreewayCamper offers you a very special package to start your adventure at any time. With our concept of long-term rental of campers - for a long-lasting and special feeling of freedom. Discover three different models and make even the Corona time very special moments. Whether everyday life & adventure, family, or business, with ourCamperAbo all doors are open for your newly acquired freedom.

Day Trip with FreewayCamper

With FreewayCamper's "Day Trip" package, you can super easily grab a camper from us and experience that wonderful feeling of freedom for a day. Excursions in nature and relax in the camper afterward. Learn more about our "Day Trip Package" and book your camper for a very special day trip.

Cleanliness and disinfection

We clean and disinfect our campers thoroughly. Upon request, it is possible to make the camper handover/return contactless. Besides, you travel in your own home and can easily keep the minimum distances and travel almost contactless.

FreewayCamper Auszeit während Corona
3. Camping as the best way to travel in Corona pandemic.

Corona causes many unexpected circumstances in your travel behavior. But with a campervan, you can avoid many things, because it is in times of Corona, the safest way to travel.

  • Destinations and period are flexible
  • Vacation away from the crowd
  • Flexible route at any time of the trip
  • Own kitchen and bathroom in the self-sufficient camper and through our additional services
  • Time out and relaxation in nature
Frequently asked questions:
Travel warning and travel ban?

A travel warning is not a general travel ban. The travel warning only advises against tourist travel. Nevertheless, it is important for you and for the protection of others to assess whether a vacation in your chosen country is safe and reasonable. The advantage of a camper in this case, however, is especially the independence and flexibility. In nature and in a camper you can very well keep the distance and hygiene rules for yourself and others. Decide for yourself how you feel about it.

Where can you stay when the campsites are closed?

A closed campsite does not mean the cancellation of your trip. According to Section 12 of the Highway Code, you are allowed to "restore your driving ability" at any public parking lot where it is not expressly prohibited, e.g. by signs. You are allowed to spend the night there, but you must pay attention to the fact that camping is forbidden. That means you can't make yourself at home there and put your camping table and chairs in front of the camper or stay longer than 10 hours. You can find pitches of this type via the app park4night. You can find more information about wild camping in Germany in our blog. There are also special features for business trips. Some campsites offer a possibility to stay overnight for business travelers. Please inform yourself in advance on which campsites have this regulation. With a camper you are flexible and can work from anywhere - discover the FreewayCamper business package.

In which countries is it currently possible to take a vacation?

Currently, some countries in Europe are classified as risk areas by the federal government. You can find all the latest information here and on the Robert Koch Institute site.

Camping despite lockdown?

Nothing stands in the way of a camping vacation despite Corona. Of course, you have to expect some restrictions, but as long as there is no explicit travel ban, you can rent a camper and enjoy your time out. Of course, you must adhere to the distance and hygiene measures and can only travel with your family or another household. If a travel warning has been issued, you should decide for yourself how to proceed and find out exactly about the current rules in your place of residence and destination before you travel. Please be aware that there are heavy fines for violating the exit restrictions or movement radius restrictions. If it is too unsafe for you, feel free to rebook at any time!

What do I do if the borders are closed?

Since you are traveling with a camper, you have maximum flexibility. Your itinerary can be changed at any time and you can still have a great time because you are not tied to one place.

If the rules change during your vacation, you are still allowed to go home because that is considered a valid reason. Also, you don't have to leave on the same day if the rules have changed in your destination country. Inform yourself in time and be prepared for dynamics and flexibility.

Entry from within Germany and other countries

For travelers returning within Germany there is currently (as of 19.04.) no quarantine obligation. A corona test obligation for returnees from risk areas now applies throughout Germany. It affects both air travelers and people who were traveling by train, bus, or car. Also, there are special regulations for the individual federal states. When returning from risk areas outside Germany, a quarantine of 10 days must be observed. However, this can be shortened from the 5th quarantine day by a negative Corona test. Besides, a digital entry declaration must be filled out and presented at border control. In addition, the relevant health office will be informed of the quarantine requirement.

At the latest 48 hours after entering Germany, it must be proven that one has a negative Corona test. This means that if you come from a risk area, you must be tested.

4. Important links and information before you start your journey

All information about entry regulations and the quarantine obligation for Germans: Entry regulations for Europe and travel to and from risk areas within Germany.

You are not sure what a travel warning means, then get more information here: Explanation travel warning and travel advice

All information about traveling within Germany and the restrictions at a glance: Tourism Guide

Current information for travelers can be found at the Federal Ministry of Health.

Please inquire about the regulations at the Foreign Office or the European Union before each trip.

5. Foreign office - travel app

The German Foreign Office has compiled all the information you need to travel abroad safely and as smoothly as possible in one application.

The app offers you various services. On the one hand, tips and a checklist for travel preparations, on the other hand, the app offers addresses of the representations of your country and information for emergencies.

In addition, you can find all travel and safety information for the respective countries in this app, which is constantly updated.

All other information about roaming costs, news, and download can be found here.

FreewayCamper Reisen trotz Corona

Traveling in times of Corona poses new challenges for all of us. But together we can overcome even this hurdle. Campers offer you the possibility to have a contactless vacation and to keep all necessary hygienic measures. They are very safe and flexible companions and give you back a piece of freedom.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Directly via the contact form on, by e-mail or by phone +49 89 889 970 86 and by WhatsApp via +49 176 416 835 38.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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