Travelling by camper - a good idea!

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Why travelling by camper is a good idea this year!

The world of holidays & traveling has changed a bit this year, but hasn’t vanished completely. This means we probably won’t be able to do long distance trips, but it is a great chance to explore your own country. Who knows, maybe you will be surprised by landscapes and regions around you? Let the journey begin!

One of our campers or RVs is your perfect companion for 2020 summer trips:

  • Full flexibility: You can decide ad hoc and spontaneously where to go - depending on your mood, the weather or safe regions in the current situation. With a few exceptions, campsites can always be booked spontaneously. With our adapted cancellation conditions your travel period is also absolutely flexible.
  • Increased security: You travel and live in your own four walls. This minimises the risk of potential Corona transmission for you and your fellow travellers. Of course, all our campers and RVs are handed over thoroughly cleaned and disinfected - contactless if desired. So you can fully enjoy your holiday and don't have to worry about it.
  • Get out of the crowd: With your camper or RV you can escape the usual mass tourism. If you wish, you can be completely alone. You can have your own four-wheeled apartment that only you use, with your own kitchen, a spacious sleeping area and in our larger campers and RVs even your own fully equipped bathroom. Why not to park a camper in your own garden? There is no excuse for being stuck at home… The air is waiting for you!
  • Quality Time: Mom & dad & little ones & home duties & work from home. Yes, this can be challenging at the moment. It is a very intense and often beautiful experience for many people to have the little ones so close to you and to see every small and big step in their development. Also there is a challenge to creatively involve the little ones in the daily tasks and to meet all requirements. Go camping and take the positive aspects from this intensive time with you: Camping clears your head, it decelerates immensely - it is completely sufficient to deal with the few things that are around you, the daily tasks are minimal and it can even be fun to do the dishes together and let yourself drift together. A cozy bed, a comfortable sitting area or simply an evening with candlelight and a starry sky in front of your camper (for families: while the little ones sleep inside :))

Whether as adventurer alone, as a couple in romantic togetherness or as a family: camping holidays allow everyone to spend a lot of time in the fresh air and in nature, to switch off and concentrate on essential things. From this we pull strength and energy. Therefore a holiday with your camper or RV is always worthwhile!

We have the right camper and RV for everyone. You can find an overview of the current models of FreewayCamper here: Rent a Camper & RV

Good to know: from next week we will be here in the Blog with details of our parental leave package.

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