Travel tips for autumn - Hiking

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If you really want to get to know an area, it's best to pack your bike or hiking boots. Many campsites in Europe are very good starting points for hiking and biking tours. Located in the middle of nature you can start your day trip along lakes or rivers, but also through forests and up to the mountains.

Both hiking and biking are perfect fall activities to experience during your road trip. Strap your bike onto the camper, pack your hiking boots and off you go on your adventure and boundless freedom!

We have three different alternatives for you and your camping trip.

1. Camper trip and bike tour
Campen und Fahrradtour

You feel like an exciting tour with your mountain bike, but you would like to cover longer distances or explore other countries? Then make your dream come true and grab a camper from us, strap your bike onto the bike rack and off you go!

Whether in the mountains, around the lake or a tour through the cities, 3 days or even 10. From beginner to pro, there is certainly something for everyone! We have summarized our favorite routes in Germany, which you can explore perfectly with campervan and bike!

To round off your experience, we offer great extras that you can add to your trip for a small extra charge.

Extras for your camping trip with the bike:

  • Bike rack (for 3 bikes & including trailer hitch) | 5€/day
  • Bike rack (for 4 bikes & including trailer hitch) | 7€/day
  • Trailer hitch | 3€/day
2. Adventure with the E-Bike

Our E-Bike XD3 with Microcaravan represents a climate-neutral and sporty way of camping and offers space for up to 2 people to sleep in the inflatable Microcaravan. The perfect choice for all camping enthusiasts who love adventure and being close to nature. The e-bike is equipped with the latest technology and provides maximum riding comfort thanks to the continuously variable gears.

Perfectly suited for balmy late summer nights. Get up, have a leisurely breakfast and enjoy the freedom on the bike to the fullest while doing something good for the environment!

Combine sporty adventure with climate-neutral travel:

  • Climate Neutral Travel
  • XD-3 All-Terrain E-Bike with 625 Watt battery and continuously variable gears
  • Microcaravan with 130 x 210 cm lying area including awning in standing height
  • Waterproof 120 L storage space
  • 29 kg thanks to lightweight aluminum construction
  • Uncomplicated, quick assembly and disassembly
  • Breathable and robust
  • From 29€ per night
  • Add-on extras like: Outdoor shower and basic outdoor package
3. Hiking and camping
Wandern und Campen

Enjoying nature and seeing the world from above - camping and hiking in the mountains is our great passion. Whether a short hike at the end of work after a home office day in the camper, the trip with the whole family or adrenaline on challenging routes. Hiking in autumn and being on the road with the camper is something very special. Not only in Germany there are great hiking destinations, but also the more southern countries are worth seeing.

For Germany we have picked out our top hiking destinations. Enjoy your time out in the mountains with a breathtaking view right after waking up and relax with a cozy dinner in nature.

Our tip: the VW Bulli models are perfect for a camping and hiking vacation! With them you are flexible and self-sufficient on the road, you can also drive on smaller mountain roads without any problems and thanks to the integrated parking heater and our CaliCap, which you can pull over the pop-up roof of your Bulli like a cap, you are perfectly equipped even on cold autumn days and nights.

Campen und Wandern

Fancy a road trip in autumn? Then go ahead, book your camper, pack your bike and hiking boots and start your adventure!

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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