Travel trends 2022

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The year 2022 is all about satisfying your own long-distance cravings while still keeping the omnipresent Corona pandemic in mind. When it comes to trend destinations, two contrasts face each other in 2022: on the one hand, long-distance travel, which is finally possible again, and on the other, staycation. Composed of the English words stay and vacation, this type of travel stands for vacationing in Germany.

We show you the travel trends for the coming year, which you can best experience with one of our campers.


Staycation means to explore your own country and in our opinion this is best done in a camper. Start directly from home, cook your favorite dishes in your own camper kitchen and visit the German beaches at the North and Baltic Sea. But not only the beach in Germany is worth seeing, but also the Alps and of course the beautiful cities. With a camper you can combine everything and get to know your home country even better. In our blogpost "How to succeed vanlife in Germany" you are perfectly prepared for your camping home vacation!

Reisen 2022

The Corona Pandemic has shown us how important privacy is for us and where better to have it than in a camper? Many people find it unfamiliar to share a space with a lot of people and that's why travelers get their newfound privacy while on vacation. When traveling with a campervan, you have your own home on four wheels, are flexible and can enjoy your freedom. Park in secluded locations and enjoy your vacation without prying eyes and fighting for the best sun lounger. You have your accommodation all to yourself and can arrange your daily routine according to your needs. Let's go: Pick out your camper and book your freedom!

Reisen mit dem Camper 2022

Reducing your own ecological footprint and paying attention to sustainability is becoming more and more a focus for many people. And that's why in 2022, more and more emphasis is being placed on sustainable travel. With one of our campers you are on the right track. Through our climate protection project with ClimatePartner, we want to compensate for the Co2 emissions caused and offset them with climate protection projects. You can read more about our project on our website about "climate neutral travel".

With the compensation of driven kilometers the first step is done from our side, but you can also pay attention to different things and thus make your camper trip as sustainable as possible. In our blogpost "Environmentally friendly travel with the camper" you will learn many tips on how you can travel sustainably and make your contribution to climate protection with just a few small things.

Camperreisen 2022

Closely related to sustainability is mindfulness. Self-love and time for yourself has also gained in travel in recent years. Vacations are supposed to be relaxation, freedom and good for the soul. Therefore, the focus is increasingly on anti-stress, digital detox and replenish your own energy stores. This can best be done in nature or through active travel. Enjoy the freedom of camping and the time just for you and your loved ones. With a camper you are both flexible and independent. Do something good for your health and reduce yourself to the important things in life. You can find more inspiration in our blogpost "Unplugged Camping - Old School is the New Cool" or "Digital Detox"!

Achtsamkeit beim Campen

If you still need some tips on the most worth seeing travel destinations in 2022, check out our blog. There you will find many different destinations and the trends for 2022!

Have fun with your 2022 travel planning.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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