Holiday bonus and long-term rental

Long-term rentals with FreewayCamper

Holiday bonus with FreewayCamper

Travel longer and save more? Let's go! With our holiday bonus, you can save up to 15% on your booking, all with no kilometer limit.

Long-term rental with FreewayCamper

Planning a longer trip? On all bookings, over 35 days, there is a 20% discount. If you decide to rent the camper for 90 days, you score a 25% discount. Long-term rental deals come with a daily 100-kilometer limit, but you can book every 1000 km extra for only €199 through customer service in advance.

Of course, you can also book any other additional services so that nothing stands in the way of your perfect camper rental! You can find an overview of our extra equipment and additional services on our equipment & services page.

All prices for holiday bonus and long-term rental deals are calculated automatically on our website. These promotions are valid for trips until 31.12.2022 at all FWC stations.

If there are any uncertainties, feel free to use our chat, contact us via or give us a call at +49 89 889 970 86.

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