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Comfortable like a hotel with the freedom of camping! This is exactly what you can experience with our campers and motor homes. Discover your all-included FreewayCamper package and start your adventure without any packing stress.

You feel like a camping beginner when it comes to additional equipment you may need? No problem, we have already handled that for you. Our camping offer includes complete camping equipment and therefore fully equipped campers. Also, we have created an additional camping packing list for you to make the packing even easier.

What your camper and motor home already has

All our camper and motor home are equiped with great stuff. Whether it's a basic kitchen package, a basic outdoor package, sheets and molleton pads or a fully comprehensive insurance, all these things are already in your camper and you don’t have to pay extra for them. On top of that we offer you some extra services, depending on your needs like bike rack or kids equipment.

Our services in the camper (excl. MINI)
  • Basic kitchen package
  • Premium kitchen package (29 €) for more comfort when cooking in the camper
  • Basic outdoor package (aluminium table + camping stools) (for MINI plus 19 €)
  • Premium outdoor package (29 €)
  • Kids equipment (car seat (29 €). Baby high chair (19 €), cot (29 €), back carrier (29 €))
  • Blanket, pillow, towels (25 € per set)
  • Bicycle carrier (5 € per day, maximum 99 € per booking)
  • Bed sheet and molleton overlay
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Technical equipment

1. Cooking in the camper or motor home

In our campers you can directly swing the cooking spoon. Besides the basic kitchen package, which you usually get free with your camper (excl. MINI), there is a water tank, 2-3 cooking plates and a refrigerator with freezer compartment or a built-in compressor with cool box. In addition, you will receive a basic outdoor package, consisting of an aluminium table and stools for all persons travelling with you. In case of bad weather you can use the indoor seating area with the rotating front seats. For the luxury campers among you, we also have the Premium Packages. The Premium Kitchen Package offers you more comfort for cooking in the camper, with a larger pot set, high-quality non-slip crockery and a few more useful extras. The Premium Outdoor Package consists of a high-quality bamboo table and comfortable chairs

Inclusive services (excl. MINI):
  • Basic kitchen package
  • Water tank
  • 2-3 cooking plates
  • Compressors with cool box
  • Fridge with freezer compartment
  • Table for up to 4 persons outside
  • Camping stool
  • Indoor seating area
Additional bookable:
  • Premium kitchen package
  • Premium outdoor Package
FreewayCamper Kitchen equipment  - Kochen im Camper
2. Relaxed break while camping

Whether in bad weather with the integrated auxiliary heating or in good weather outside in front of the camper under the awning, almost all our campers have these features.

  • Parking heater
  • Awning (except Campster and MINI)

FreewayCamper Outdoorpaket  - Tisch und Stühle beim Campen
3. Road trip with the camper or motor home

Our campers offer you everything you need for entertainment. Whether it's a multimedia system in the driver's area for the perfect music for your road trip or an APP-Connect for Android and iOS and a navigation system if you need assistance in finding the right way. 😉

  • APP-Connect for Android and iOS
  • Navigation system
  • Multimedia system in the driver's area
FreewayCamper APP-Connect und Navigationssystem
4. Camping and Biking

If you want to take your bike on your camping trip, you can book one of our bike racks. The bike carrier is suitable for up to three bikes and can be mounted on all our campers. Of course you can also take your e-bike with you on the bike carrier.

  • Bicycle carrier (5 € per day, maximum 99 € per booking)
5. Technical equipment

All our campers are technically fully equipped and offer you your all-round protection. Please visit our website to find all the technical details about our various campers.

  • First aid kit
  • 2 drive-up wedges
  • High visibility vests
  • Winter and summer tyres, depending on the season
  • Cable drum, power cable incl. adapter
  • Water hose
FreewayCamper technical equipment

In addition to our inclusive services you can book further packages and useful things with us. Just visit our website and click through!

If you still need help with your camping packing list, read our blog post on camping packing list. There is a list of things you shouldn’t miss. And here is a tip from experienced campers: Take advantage of the storage facilities in our campers and pack everything you want. In a camper you don't have to carry your luggage through the streets or limit it to the bare essentials.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your FreewayCamper Team

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