Our Inspiration for your FreewayCamper day trip

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A selection of our hotspots for your day trip

Rent your van for a day and enjoy the nature! In addition to our Package Day Trip for your unique day trip with FreewayCamper, here are a few ideas to inspire you on your trip

  • Off to the local mountains! Spitzing, Taubenstein, Sudelfeld, Wendelstein, Rote Wand, Kampenwand, Herzogstand and Zugspitze, for those who want to reach for the sky. This is a small selection of our hotspots. Quickly accessible and you can go on wonderful small and bigger tours, enjoy the beautiful nature with a breathtaking panorama.
  • The lakes in Munich's surrounding area are impressive even without the sound of the sea and offer peace and relaxation: Starnberger See, Schliersee, Tegernsee, Spitzingsee, Walchensee, Kochelsee, Staffelsee, Pilsensee, Wörthsee, Kirchsee, Osterseen and not to forget the "Bavarian Sea" of the Chiemsee. At the right time of day (e.g. early in the morning or in the evening) you can relax there perfectly after a nice walk, a bike tour or your swimming laps, enjoy nature and recharge your batteries.
  • Last but not least: our rivers - especially the Isar - embedded in a picturesque landscape like around Wolfratshausen, Bad Tölz and the Sylvensteinspeicher. It is hard to believe that these intense colours and this diverse nature are right on our doorstep!

Book you FreewayCamper day trip and let yourself go! What are your hotspots?

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