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We have six good reasons why you should rent your camper now!

Even in the current situation, there are six very good reasons to rent a camper or RV - tourist trips excluded, of course.

  1. Home office on wheels: We have already written about business trips and have put together a smart package with all the necessary equipment. But of course, you can also simply use your camper to move into a new, inspiring environment with your "own four walls" on wheels - far away from the crowd, of course. This way you have a change of scenery and a quiet atmosphere in your camper including a 230V power station - this gives you new energy and smells a bit like a holiday.
  2. Second home in your own garden: Here we are back to the topic of change of scenery, oasis of peace, nature and lots of fresh air. At the moment you can't visit a campsite, but you can bring it into your garden with your own personal pitch and a little holiday flair - create more space to live in, suitable for all weather conditions!
  3. Visiting friends and relatives with your own apartment on four wheels: as soon as the exit restrictions are relaxed, you will surely have more contact with friends and relatives. With your own apartment it is even easier to keep up the security measures - you have everything you need with you and can even stay overnight. And that too feels a bit like a holiday and definitely like freedom. Maybe one of your friends and relatives has a very special home where you can spend the night with your camper.
  4. Maximize your freedom - extend your day out: right now there is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than spending a day in the mountains or at a quiet lonely lake. This long-awaited freedom cannot last long enough. This is exactly why we have created our day trip package with many extras for you. Hire your van for a day - start early in the morning and enjoy an extensive day's outing that ends with a nice and relaxed dinner in front of your camper. Watch the sunset, enjoy the starry sky and listen to the light wind in the treetops - just let yourself drift. Here you can find more information about our FreewayCamper Package Day Trip.
  5. Try living: You are interested in buying your own camper and would like to test drive and live with your favourite in advance? Our unbeatable low prices and our professional instruction in the handling and all technical details of the campers and RV are the best start for your own adventure! Currently we are specialized in the following models: VW T.6.1 California Ocean, Pössl (various models), Knaus Live I 650 MEG and MINI Countryman with roof tent. We can also put you in direct contact with specialized dealers.
  6. Last but not least, you can book your camper or RV for your summer or autumn holiday right now. With our adapted cancellation conditions you are very flexible and you can still get the best price and the camper of your choice.

If you have any questions or further suggestions, please contact us directly via the contact form on, via e-mail or by phone +49 89 889 970 86 and WhatsApp on +49 176 416 835 38

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