Summer camping must-haves

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Summer, the best time to be on the road with the whole family in the camper. Waking up right by the sea, enjoying the fresh breeze and lying by the water with your air mattress. But what should not be missing from a perfect summer camping trip?

We've rounded up your must-haves to get you started right into your adventure.

FreewayCamper Outdoorpackage

Spending cozy evenings in front of the camper and enjoying the sunset? Thanks to our integrated outdoor package you can start your vacation carefree. All our campers are equipped with a basic outdoor package. This includes an aluminum table and camping stools for all fellow travelers. With the MINI Countryman, this package can easily be added for cozy evenings outside. The Premium Outdoor Package consists of more comfortable chairs with backrests and a high-quality bamboo camping table, and additional chairs can be added here free of charge if desired. Ideal for a cozy time outside!

Ausziehbare Wäscheleine
FreewayCamper extras for sports and adventure.

Being on the road in summer with your bike and exploring the surroundings can be so much fun. At FreewayCamper we have different bike racks for you and your camper: bike rack for 3 bikes & including trailer hitch for 5€ per day and a bike rack for 4 bikes & including trailer hitch for 7€ per day. If you don't want to just lie on the beach during your summer vacation, we also have a back carrier for children on offer (Munich). For 29€ you can add it to your camper and go on a hike with the whole family.

Vacuum-insulated drinking bottle

Since you don't just spend time at the camper, but also like to go on a trip, a vacuum-insulated drinking bottle is very useful. Drinks stay nice and cool in the stainless steel water bottle, which is why this camping gadget should always be with you on your summer vacation. You can easily cool your drink in the integrated coolers in our camper and fill it into the vacuum insulated drinking bottle for the trip.

LED Camping Lamp

A super important camping gadget is a camping light. Many campsites are poorly lit in the evening, so a camping lantern is a must on your packing list. Camping lights that can be charged via sunlight are best. Many camping lamps can be used as a USB power bank. So a perfect 2 in 1 camping gadget.


Besides the camping light, the headlamp is a must-have in your camping vacation. Walking around the campsite at night to brush your teeth or go to the toilet becomes so much more enjoyable with this camping gadget. Thanks to the headlamp, you'll always be able to see where you're walking and have your hands free for a towel and toilet bag.

Tension Ropes

Your favorite camping gadget on a camping trip should definitely be the tension rope. Why? Because it's simply an all-rounder. You can get your luggage while driving, use it as a clothesline for your swimsuits but also as a fixation for various things inside your camper.


The best way to relax and unwind is to sit in a hammock. Comfortably read a book, enjoy the view of the water or take a power nap to start strengthened into the next adventure. With the camping gadget you can instantly relax and unwind.

FreewayCamper Hängematte
Air mattress, diving goggles and snorkel

For a trip to the sea, the air mattress, diving goggles and snorkel are an absolute must-have. Lie on the air mattress in the sun and enjoy the waves, watch the fish or look at the great underwater world. In our campers you have enough stowage for these vanlife gadgets.

Extendable clothesline

An especially handy camping gadget is the extendable clothesline. Whether it's for your swimwear or freshly washed clothes. This clothesline is super handy. You can attach it to a tree, vehicle or similar and by the retractable function there is no annoying line salt, as with a simple cord.


With our Summer Must-have Camping Gadgets your next trip will be unforgettable. Here you can find our FreewayCamper packing list.

Have fun on your next camping trip!

Your FreewayCamper Team

PS: The summer vacations in Germany are just around the corner! Here you can find all important dates for the summer vacations in Germany. Start your adventure from our locations in Munich Giesing and Munich Pasing, Berlin, Hannover, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

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