New Year's Eve in a camper

With the Camper into the new year

Winter camping is becoming more and more popular and therefore many campsites offer great offers and possibilities for camping all year round. Whether it's a New Year's Eve party at the campsite or spending time with friends and family in nature - with FreewayCamper you set the trend for New Year's Eve 2021.

Everyone can celebrate at home. These are the advantages of camping on New Year's Eve:

  • Go where you want to go
  • Spend time in nature, away from many people
  • Enjoy the time with your anxious fur nose far away from the noise
  • Escape with your family out of the big city
  • Spend romantic hours and togetherness
  • Use your money wisely for a camper instead of a firecracker
  • Even party poopers get their money's worth
Silvester im Camper von FreewayCamper
New Year's Eve Camping in Germany

You don't always have to go to another country - Germany offers great places to spend New Year's Eve in a camper. Whether by the sea, in the mountains or in the city - camping on New Year's Eve offers great opportunities and unforgettable moments.

Where to celebrate New Year's Eve in the mountains?

Allgäu, Hartz or the Black Forest? Spending the turn of the year in the mountains can be something very special. Winter wonderland, extensive landscapes or glittering snow - winter sports enthusiasts get their money's worth especially in the mountains. In the evening, enjoy a fondue in your camper, play board games and spend the turn of the year in the nature. Wake up in the morning in a beautiful landscape and hit the slopes. Whether cross-country skiing on groomed trails, tobogganing slopes, ice skating, skiing or the traditional curling. Celebrating New Year's Eve in the mountains with a camper combines peace and quiet in nature and fun on the slopes the next day.

Winter im Camper
Where to celebrate New Year's Eve by the sea?

New Year's Eve camping at the Baltic or North Sea is becoming more and more popular. But why celebrate by the sea? Very simple: the temperatures are cool, but not so icy!

New Year's Eve Camping at the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea offers you and your family not only beautiful moments in summer, but also a great New Year's Eve. From contemplative to exuberant you can experience everything at the Baltic Sea on New Year's Eve. In Warnemünde you can start the new year with a beach party and in Rostock you can enjoy the fireworks on the beach. Whether in your camper, wrapped up on the beach or on one of the natural camping sites, you will remember this magical New Year's Eve forever.

New Year's Eve Camping at the North Sea

The North Sea is especially appreciated for camping on New Year's Eve. With its islands and beautiful cities the North Sea offers a picturesque landscape. Peace and serenity are at the top of the program. Fireworks and firecrackers are forbidden on most islands at the North Sea. Therefore the North Sea is especially suitable for families with small children or dogs on New Year's Eve. Funny traditions, like the New Year's Eve run or the New Year's bathing await you. Start the new year with a stiff breeze and book your FreewayCamper now.

Sonnenuntergang am Meer
Where to celebrate New Year's Eve in the city?

Munich, Hamburg, Berlin? Many German cities have great offers for New Year's Eve and various overnight accommodations at campsites.

Whether it's New Year's Eve in Hamburg with the horns of the approaching ships and a rocket spectacle at the turn of the year. A New Year's Eve fireworks display at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin or a Bavarian start to the New Year in Munich. Combine your vacation with a city trip and discover new places with your camper.

Campen in der Stadt
Spend the New Year's Eve in your camper

The idea of spending New Year's Eve in a camper is a bit unusual at first sight, but don't you even feel like having an adventure? With a FreewayCamper you are perfectly equipped. Thanks to our winter equipment every camper is prepared and cuddly warm, even on cold days.

Whether by the sea, in the city or in the mountains - New Year's Eve doesn't always have to be a big party with lots of people! Enjoy the time with your loved one and slide relaxed into the new year.

Your FreewayCamper Team

PS: Please take note of the current corona situation and the associated measures to protect yourself and your family. Inform yourself before your trip, which possibilities exist and where you can stay safely.