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  • Rent Bulli + Van

    Our Vans & Bullis are compact and functional with two sleeping areas, a kitchen, a cosy sitting area and many storage possibilities. Thanks to the pop-up roof, you have plenty of freedom of movement even when standing.

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  • Rent Campervan (Class B)

    Our campervans are fully equipped apartments on wheels with a bathroom, a kitchen, a cosy sitting area and a spacious sleeping area with plenty of room for the whole family to move around. With our compact all-rounders you are self-sufficient, flexible and quickly in new places.

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  • Rent RV (Class A & C)

    Our motorhomes are an absolute space miracle. Everything here is spacious and cosy! Living area with panoramic window and kitchen, two large sleeping areas and a first-class bathroom! There is plenty of space, storage and freedom of movement even for the whole family.

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Italy welcomes FreewayCamper Italy welcomes FreewayCamper
FreewayCamper says Buongiorno Italia! We are officially in Italy, and you can book your camper from our Italian yards: Milan and Turin! All our benefits are coming with us to Italy: Low prices and a wide range of campers No kilom...
New Camper Locations in Germany 2022 New Camper Locations in Germany 2022
There is a reason to celebrate! With 23 stations FreewayCamper has the largest network of its own camper rental stations in the whole of Germany! With our extensive range of services and our loyal customers, we have managed to b...
FreewayCamper goes to Poland FreewayCamper goes to Poland
FreewayCamper says Witaj Polsko! We are officially in Poland, and from today on you can rent your favourite camper from one of our Polish yards. We also bring all our benefits to Poland: Wide selection of campers for short and lo...
#1 Camping for beginners #1 Camping for beginners
Adventure, independence, and boundless freedom - these are your ideas of a successful vacation? Then camping is just the right thing for you! Be close to nature and still have your own roof over your head with one of our campers. ...
#2 Camping for beginners #2 Camping for beginners
You have never been camping before? Then we have some answers to your questions here. We tell you how your first camping trip will be a real success and how you can best prepare. Rent a camper and start your adventure!...
Camper traffic rules Camper traffic rules
To be safe on the road with the camper is our first priority. The traffic regulations for campers and motorhomes will help you to achieve this. But what exactly does the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) provide for motor homes?...
Water management in a camper Water management in a camper
When travelling in a camper, water management is essential. This holds even more true when exploring remote places. Having enough water allows you to shower, wash dishes, use your toilet and more. When camping, there are three typ...
Camping with dog Camping with dog
Woof, woof! We have a special news for your 4-legged family member! With FreewayCamper dog package there will be no excuse to leave anyone at home, so tight you seat belt as the new camping adventure is coming. 3...2...1... Let’s ...
Travel 2022 despite Corona Travel 2022 despite Corona
At FreewayCamper, we know that planning a trip can be tricky, especially with the uncertainty that corona brings. For that reason, we have collected the main topics to help you plan your perfect getaway: 1) The benefits of campi...