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Booking of your camper

The minimum rental period is three nights at any time of the season, regardless of the model.
There is no limit on the number of drivers. Please let us know the full details of all drivers at the latest when handing over the camper (presentation of the original driver's licence and passport). Only the person entered in the reservation must actually be present at the handover. The amount of the deposit refers to the youngest driver indicated.
We welcome young drivers (under the age of 23)! You only have to have a driving licence class B (or class 3) for at least one year.
The service fee of 99 € covers the one-time preparation of your camper, the provision of equipment (such as gas bottles, toilet chemicals and AdBlue) and a comprehensive explanation of all the important functions and features of your vehicle.
If you're planning a shorter trip of up to 34 nights, all kilometers included! And for those taking longer adventures of 35 nights or more, we've got you covered with an allowance of 100 kilometers per night. We charge a fee of 0.35 € per kilometer for every kilometer over and above the number of kilometers booked. Alternatively, you can simply book an additional 1000 kilometres in advance for just 199 € via our customer service.
FreewayCamper vehicles are booked and charged per night. Similar to a hotel room, you pay for the number of nights within your chosen travel period.
We offer a big variety of campers for different travel purposes. For more spontaneous trips and with a higher flexibility we recommend our vans. Seeking for more comfort our fleet of RV’s will fulfil your dreams. Our campervans provide you a bit of both worlds and combine most of the advantages of driving and living comfort. Great for longer trips as a couple, a friends group or a family holiday.
You are backed by our comprehensive insurance with a deductible of 1.500 €. Furthermore, the europe-wide 24/7 roadside assistance is included, so you can jump start your adventure without any worries. We also offer additional insurance packages, which reduce the deposit amount depending on which package you book. While the silver protection package costs 9€ per night, the gold protection package costs 19€ per night and the platinum protection package costs 29€ per night. These can be selected directly when booking the camper and before start of your trip. Have a look at all the detailed information here.
We love pets on camping trips! You just have to book our dog package for 99€ for bringing your furry friend with you. As a free extra, we provide a dog package. This is designed specifically for dogs, but you can also take other pets with you. The additional fee will be charged for all types of pets.
All our campers are handed to you equipped with a table and 2x stools (table and 2x chairs for VW Bulli) as well as the kitchen package. Further included equipment are a bed sheet, drive-up wedges, electric cables, cable drum, hose for water tank refill, a gas bottle, toilet chemicals and dustpan & sweeper. For your safety every camper is equipped with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher. You can find the particular model features and all other bookable extras on the individual camper details pages.
We offer a lot of additional extras to tailor your trip to your needs: from bike racks, extra camping chairs, child seats for all ages to a mobile camping toilet. Here you can find a detailed overview of all available products. They can be added directly at the time of your booking, later via our customer service or even at the time of the handover (if available).
You can book different bike racks with us depending on your needs. A rack for 2 or 3 bikes including trailer coupling costs 5€/night. For 4 bikes including trailer coupling, the fee is 7€/night. The maximum price per rental is 99 €. Usually the maximum capacity for bike racks is 60kg, for further information please contact our customer service via phone (+49 (0)89 889 970 86) or e-mail.
Yes, you can also just book the trailer coupling for 3€/night. Please check in the booking mask, whether it's available for your selected vehicle.
You can change and cancel your reservation by contacting our customer service via phone (+49 (0)89 889 970 86) or e-mail.
Of course it's possible to cancel your booking. Please understand that we have to charge different cancellation fees depending on the point in time when you cancel your booking:

  • Cancellations min. 45 days prior to the pick-up date: 0% of the total rental price
  • Cancellations 30-44 days prior to the pick-up date: 40% of the total rental price
  • Cancellations 15-29 days prior to pick-up date: 70% of total rental price
  • Cancellation 14-1 day(s) prior to pick-up date: 80% of the total rental price
  • <3> No pick-up at the agreed time without any notice of the tenant: 100% of the total rental price

    You can <0>rebook your holiday
    to a later date free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of your trip. For this, you will receive a voucher that you can redeem within the next 12 months.
    Please understand that we also charge a cancellation fee for the cancellation of additional products and services.
    Cancellation of additional products</0> (bike rack, trailer coupling, camp sleep, cooler box, outdoor kitchen, camping chair, bedding set, back child carrier, camping cot, child seat, kids' highchair etc.):

  • at least 45 days prior to the rental start: 0% of additional product is withheld
  • less than 45 days but more than 48 hours prior to rental start: 50% of additional product is withheld
  • 48 hours prior to rental start: 75% of additional product is withheld
  • </2>
    Cancellation of additional services (cleaning packages, dog package, additional insurance etc.):
    • at least 45 days prior to the rental start: 0% of additional product is withheld
    • less than 45 days but more than 48 hours prior to rental start: 25% of additional product is withheld
    • 48 hours prior to rental start: 50% of additional product is withheld
    In the moment you make the booking you are paying the full rental price.
    You can pay with: PayPal, credit card (VISA / MasterCard), Amex and SEPA Direct Debit (via PayPal Plus).
    You can only use a FreewayCamper voucher code or coupon during the official booking process to reduce your total price. These codes can only be used on our campers, not for additional products and only at the time of booking, not retrospectively. After one use, the voucher code will expire.
    You can use our gift cards during the official booking process or afterwards through our customer service. The gift cards can be used for all products offered on our website and are valid for 3 years from the date of issue until the full amount is used up. Unfortunately, we currently don't sell new gift vouchers. All vouchers you have previously purchased with us are still valid. We are working on a solution to offer it to you again soon.
    The deposit with our bronze protection package is 1.500€ for all campers. For young drivers under 23 years the deposit is 2.500€.
    You can pay the deposit on the pick-up date via credit card (the amount will be only blocked, not charged) or transfer the deposit no later than 7 days before to the following account for rentals in Germany:

    Account Holder: FWC – FreewayCamper GmbH
    IBAN: DE20 7004 0048 0793 7857 06
    Title: deposit + reservation ID

    transfer the deposit no later than 7 days before to the following account for rentals in Italy:

    Account Holder: FWC – FreewayCamper Italia – S.r.l.
    IBAN: IT75 T050 3401 7370 0000 0006 998
    SWIFT: BAPPIT21201
    Title: deposit + reservation ID

    Your deposit amount will be unblocked on your credit card immediately or transferred back to your account within 14 days if you returned the camper according to our T&Cs. If you wish to lower your deposit, check out our additional insurance packages.
    Yes sure! You don't have to freeze. All of our campers have auxiliary heating, so it's always nice and warm in your camper. In our VW models and some other campers this is a diesel heater, most of the campervan models as well as the RV's are equipped with a gas heater.
    Snow chains are installed on the drive axles and guarantee secure driving, even when encountering snowy roads. When mounting them, ensure that the chain and the claps do not rub against the rim or move. Please note that snow chains are only available at some FreewayCamper stations. You can see the availability of snow chains for the chosen camper category and station in the booking process. In case there are no snow chains available, many car dealers and ADAC (in Germany) are renting snow chains. Since the tires sizes are very individual, please contact our customer service for further information.
    For VW Bulli:
    The VW Bulli is a bit more sensitive when it comes to snow chains, so please pay extra attention. When renting or buying snow chains for our VW Bullis please make sure that the snow chains are compatible with aluminium rims. If you choose other snow chains (e.g. for steel rims), those will cause scratches, which will unfortunately be charged to you after the camper return. To avoid this, check if the snow chains are specifically for aluminium rims and if they come equipped with rim clips that prevent the snow chain from making contact with your rims and ultimately avoid scratches. Since the tires sizes are very individual, please contact our customer service for further information.

    Preparation for your trip

    We recommend to book your ferry in advance. Please check the length of your camper on the camper detail page. For license plate, please enter "rental car". If you use the bike rack, please consider the additional length of 1m when booking the ferry.
    The most advanced engine technology (Euro 6d-temp) of our campers ensures a particularly low emissions. Therefore, all of our campers meet the highest emissions standards and thus are eligible to access any European city.

    Read more about climate-consciousness at FreewayCamper and watch us growing a holistic sustainability going forward.
    You can fit any child seat in your camper and secure it with the 3-point belt. If you don't have a suitable child seat, we offer additional child seats for different age groups at our stations (baby seat 0-13 kg or child seat 9-36 kg). Find more details here. You can also check in the vehicle specifications, whether your chosen camper category is equipped with ISOFIX.
    Winter Camping is a great adventure! To be able to enjoy this to the fullest, there are certain things you have to pay extra attention to during the winter months due to the lower temperatures. These are mainly concerning gas storage, use of water in the camper and insulation. When you pick up your camper you will get a detailed briefing on these issues, but you can also read up on certain points in advance here in the FAQs.
    The windows of the camper are less well insulated than the rest of the vehicle. To reduce the amount of heating required, insulating the camper helps a lot! For the VW Bullis, the windscreens can be additionally insulated with external insulation mats and the pop-up roof with a insulation cap. For the campervan models, we also offer exterior insulations for the windscreens. You can simply book this as an additional product. You can read more about Winter equipment and winter camping on the respective pages.

    Pick up of your camper

    Our stations are open during pick-up (2pm-5pm) and drop-off (8am-11am) times 7 days a week, including Sundays and public holidays. Some stations may deviate from this rule - please have a look at our individual location pages.

    If you need any additional help our customer service is happy to help you.
    All campers at our stations are generally available for pick-up between 2pm and 5pm. Our station team will contact you 2-3 days before your trip to arrange the exact time window of the camper pick-up. Please give us your telephone number directly at the time of booking or via e-mail afterwards. Earlier pick-up is possible by arrangement for an additional fee and subject to camper availability. Pick-up times may vary on weekends.
    The pick-up and drop-off of our campers takes place at the rental stations. On the camper details page you can find the exact address. This will also be communicated to you in the booking summary and via e-mail after your booking.
    This service is only offered at specific stations. Please verify its availability for your booking by checking the booking mask.
    When you arrive at our station, simply contact a member of staff or register at our office. We will take you through the whole process:


    • Your documents will be checked & scanned
    • we block the deposit on your credit card or collect it from your EC card (please note that we always have to collect the deposit for rentals of 30 days or more)

    Camper explanation
    Did you not have the time to watch our camper instruction video before your trip or you would like to watch it again on site with the camper to be better prepared? A member of staff will be happy to equip you with one of our tablets to have a look at all the details about the camper directly at the vehicle. Of course our members of staff at the station are also happy to explain the camper to you in person. Additionnally you can also take the time andinspect your camper, document the condition for your personal double protection with your mobile phone (photos & videos) and check whether the standard and additionally booked equipment is completely ready for you in the camper.If you discover any undocumented damage to the camper, please report this to a member of staff before signing the contract. We will then check this for you and, if necessary, record it in our protocol. You can then sign your contract with a clear conscience.Once you have signed the contract and left our premises with your rented camper, we will unfortunately no longer be able to make any changes to the damage report or the listed equipment for you.The signed contract with the log data will then be sent to you digitally by e-mail. In this e-mail you will also find our technical manual for the most common faults on the campers for self-help as well as the telephone numbers of the mobility guarantee - should there be any problems with your camper.
    During our opening hours you can reach our customer service at the following number +49 (0)89 889 970 86 for rental extensions or changes, in case of questions, problems or in the event of an accident or breakdown, our staff will support you in the process.

    During your journey

    You can travel with your camper within the geographical borders of Europe and non-European areas which belong to the European Union (EU). The contract area in which the camper may be used, includes the territory of the European Union, Great Britain, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Andorra, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia (without Kosovo) and Montenegro. Outside these borders the driving insurance (particularly the comprehensive cover) offers no coverage. Please contact us in advance if you would like to travel to other countries and territories than mentioned before. In some cases it is possible to extend the insurance coverage according to our written consent. In this case, FreewayCamper undertakes to provide an appropriately extended insurance cover with additional costs for the lessee.
    You have to cover the toll fees on your journey yourself. We advise you to check the toll regulations of the respective countries you plan to visit before your travel. In some countries you have to pre-register for the usage of ferries, highways and toll roads. If you want to avoid tolls, check alternative routes outside the highways. They may take a little longer, but you can save some money and will benefit from better views most of the time.
    Before returning your camper (no matter if you used the water on your trip or not), there are a few things to consider: Fresh water tank, waste water tank and pipes must be completely emptied. When emptying, never let the water run out through the pipes, but always through the outlet for emptying the water tank (Campervan models: knob on the water tank in the trunk; VW Bulli models: red lever above the gas cylinder in the trunk; RV's: black lever in the service module on the driver's side). To completely empty it the water pumps can be switched off first and then the water residues can be emptied by opening the tap and activating the toilet flush (don't forget to turn off the tap!). Our staff can also show you the exact places for all important pivots during pick-up. Don't worry - it sounds more complicated than it actually is.
    For a comfortable camping experience the right temperature inside the camper is crucial. If the water system is used and there is water in the tank and in the pipes, the camper must be heated continuously to at least 8°C. This avoids freezing of the water and thus serious damages on the water system. We recommend the following temperature settings: 18-22°C when staying in the camper, 16-18°C at night, 8-9°C when leaving the camper. When leaving a camper with pop-up roof, please close this to keep the heat in the vehicle (also with pop-up roof insulation for VW Bulli). Regular airing also helps to ensure a pleasant room climate.
    One of the things, many of you are most afraid of: running out of gas. You don't have to worry about that, because we will always hand over the camper to you equipped with a full bottle. How long your gas supply will last depends on the type of use and duration. In the VW models, you use the gas exclusively for cooking (equipment: 1x approx. 3 kg gas bottle), which normally lasts about 6 months. In our campervan and RV models, you use the gas for cooking, heating and hot water. At least one full gas cylinder is installed here (approx. 11 kg). In summer, the gas will normally last for about 4 weeks, but this figure is highly variable in the winter months and depends on certain factors. With differentiated use of the heating (e.g. turn the heating down at night and when leaving the camper) and an outside temperature of around 0°C, a 11 kg gas bottle is sufficient for approx. 3 days.
    In case of longer booking periods and intensive use of gas, it can happen that a gas bottle has to be replaced. To exchange the gas bottle you can buy one from conventional DIY stores, various gas stations and dealers of the company Scharr.
    During the winter months, due to the cold temperatures (6°C or below), the campers are handed over completely drained of water so that no water can freeze in the system and thus damage the entire water system. So if water is used during the rental period the camper must be heated continuously (at least 8°C) to prevent damage.

    We recommend the following differentiated use of the heating in the RV and the campervan models: 18-22°C when staying in the camper, 16-18°C at night, 8-9°C when leaving the camper. The VW Bulli models should be heated at least to level 3.

    In addition, the waste water tap must always be left open and the grey water must be collected in an additional tank (for a grey water disposal in accordance with regulations). Furthermore the water system must be completely emptied when returning the camper. A detailed explanation and instruction will be given to you when you pick up the camper on site, so that any questions can be clarified.

    Return of your camper

    When you pick up your camper, you agree on a time between 8am and 11am for the return with our staff at the station. If you want to enjoy your last day with your camper a bit longer, you can book a late return for an additional fee. The availability of a late return depends on the current booking situation. You can find more information in our terms and conditions.
    At the moment we don't offer one-way rentals. Is this something you would like to book with us? Let us know! We are always working on further development of our services for you.
    Your camper must be returned with a full tank of fuel, in running order and cleaned at the agreed return time (before 11:00 a.m.) and at the agreed location (usually at the station). Of course, we can also take care of the refuelling for you for a flat fee of 30€ plus the refuelling costs. The (booked) extras must also be returned to us clean. If your camper return day is a Sunday, please note that in some regions there is a prohibition of car cleaning on Sundays and cleaning service stations might be closed. Please inform yourself in advance to make your camper return more convenient.
    Please do not drive our campers through the car wash. Wash boxes can be used - just be careful to pay attention to the maximum dimensions given.
    For you to feel comfortable, your camper will be freshly vacuumed, wiped and cleaned when you pick it up. Please hand it back over to us the same way, and there will be no additional costs. Please don't forget to empty the toilet and the waste water tank. The toilet cassette must be entirely cleaned before the drop off. If you don't have the time or simply don't want to clean the inside of your camper, you can hand it over to us broom-clean and we will clean it for you. You can save up to 19% by booking a cleaning package before the start of your trip. The prices for our cleaning packages for bookings after the start of your trip can be found in the terms and conditions. If the toilet and grey water tank are heavily soiled or not emptied, we charge a surcharge for the work involved (you can find out more about the prices in our T&C's).

    Incident and offense

    In case of a breakdown or malfunction of your camper, please contact the insurance for the roadside assistance service. In the case of an accident, you have to inform the local police. In addition, we kindly ask you to report every breakdown, damage and any accident immediately to our customer service. You will get all important contact details of the insurance and customer service at the pick-up. If you have an accident a standardized European Accident Report on site must be filled, signed by all parties involved in the accident and handed over to FreewayCamper - for details, please see our Terms and Conditions. And please don't stress or worry too much. Things like this happen and that's why you have an insurance. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us - we are here for you to make sure you have a great time on the road.

    Damages in the camper interior:
    Please inform us immediately if something is broken or damaged in the interior of the camper, no matter if it was your fault or not. As far as possible, we will help you directly with the solution of the issue or a recommendation of a corresponding repair shop. In the same moment we take care of organizing spare parts so that the campers can be repaired quickly.

    Damages caused by force majeure and extraordinary circumstances:
    Damages occurred due to storm, hail, flooding, collision with wildlife, avalanches, marten bites or any other nature related scenarios are in the responsibility of the customer. For those cases a deductible of 1.500 € is applicable.
    In this case, the deposit will be retained in full. The amount withheld from your deposit depends on the expected amount of damage or repair costs. As soon as we have a cost estimate for the repair of the damage you caused, the amount of the retained deposit will be adjusted accordingly. If the amount of damage according to the cost estimate is lower than the retained amount, we will of course refund the difference to you immediately. With additional insurance: While causing a damage your deposit is always being retained in full. If you have booked an additional insurance, which covers the damage you caused according to its insurance conditions, then the claims made fore the damage won't exceed deductible covered by your insurance package.
    For any fines (e.g. speeding or wrong parking) or criminal offenses, you are liable as a lessee of the camper with unlimited liability for the resulting costs and fees. In case of a data request we will provide the lessee's data to the respective authority. Please inform yourself before traveling to other countries about specific local legal regulations. You as a lessee are responsible for complying with country-specific (traffic) regulations and the respective timely payment of fines for offenses, tolls and road pricing. These are not part of the contract and have to be paid by the lessee.
    Due to the significant efforts and expenses for processing the authorities request, please understand that we charge an administration fee of 50€ if there is an administrative offense. This amount is independent of the amount of the fine. You pay the administration fee to us and the fine directly to the authority.
    If you didn't do anything - of course you don't have to pay! Please contact the responsible authority. If your objection is upheld, we will cancel our administration fee.

    Buy your camper

    If you fall in love with one of our campers, you can make it your permanent companion! Just contact us at verkauf@freeway-camper.com or by phone at +49 89 628 24711. We will be happy to advise you and help you find your perfect camper.
    It's as easy as that:

    1. 1. Contact us and receive consultation.
    2. 2. View and test drive your dream camper.
    3. 3. Purchase and receive an order confirmation.
    4. 4. Pick-up your own home on four wheels.

    You can find more information and current sales offers on our camper sales page.
    +49(0)89 889 970 86 info@freeway-camper.com
    Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm | Sat - Sun: 10am - 6pm
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