11 Camping trends for 2022

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A quick Google search will show you countless camping trends. Everything from the minimalist to the fully equipped camper. No matter how you decide to spend your time outdoors enjoying the fresh air, there will be a camping trend to inspire your next trip.

1. Solo camping with your dog

Many might think that they cannot go on holiday because they have no one to look after their pets. Thankfully there is no need for that anymore, as pets are welcome in all our camper models. We have seen an increasing trend recently of solo travelling with a dog. So far, it seems both parties enjoy it! Find out more about camping with a dog.

2. Zero Waste camping

The days of single-use plastic are finally coming to an end. Thanks to this, more people travel environmentally conscious. However, how can you travel and minimize your ecological footprint? In our blog post, "Environmentally friendly travel with the camper", we give many tips and tricks to help you travel more sustainably. Say goodbye take-out box and hallo Tupperware.

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3. Lightweight travel

Camping does not need to be complicated. Sometimes we get caught up in all the planning, but this is history. We offer fully equipped campers, so pack your clothes and hit the road. If for a longer trip or a quick weekend getaway, we have something for you. Where will your next adventure take you?

4. Long-term travel

With many able to work remotely, we have seen an increasing trend to spend more time travelling. A trip is no longer two weeks but rather 2 months. An extended trip allows adequate time to explore new horizons and absorb the culture. The best thing about long term travel with FreewayCamper is the incredible discounts.

5. Staycation

Staycation, another portmanteau word, makes the list of camping trends 2022. A staycation refers to a vacation in your home country, which due to the pandemic, has become immensely popular. Why go to faraway places when your own country has so much to offer? Read about how to travel in Germany in the blog post "How to succeed van life in Germany".

6. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is focusing on your direct surroundings and acknowledging how you feel. Travelling can be a great way to relax, enjoy the freedom and do something good for yourself. The focus of a mindful trip should be to destress, detox and replenish your energy sources.

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7. Digital detox

Every day we spend countless hours looking at the screens of phones, computers and TVs. Sometimes we need a break from life online. Find the joy of an offline life! If you are interested in how a digital detox works while travelling, read “Unplugged camping – old school is the new cool.”

8. Sport and travel

Have you been eying a mountain to climb, a wave you to surf, a trail you wish to cycle, a river to need to canoe or want to explore nature your way? A camper is a perfect way to have an active getaway. You can drive directly to your dream location and have everything you need right with you.

9. Younger travelers

The average age of those travelling has come down significantly in recent years. Thanks to the campervan boom, many can rent a camper for a shorter period, making it more affordable. Book your camper now!

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10. Smaller campervans

There is an increasing trend to switch from motorhomes to little campervans. They are more flexible, easier to drive and cheaper to fuel. Furthermore, you can use it to explore cities without worrying about finding a parking place. View all our campers.

11. Winter camping

Camping in winter is an increasing trend. Thanks to well-insulated campervans, quality heaters and thermal clothing, there is no need to limit yourself to 6 months of the year. An extra advantage with camping in winter is you are travelling in the offseason, meaning you benefit from lower prices and fewer tourists.

Regardless of how you enjoy your time in a camper, FreewayCamper can help you with your individual needs. We shall have to wait and see what trends are here to stay in 2022. One thing is for sure, 2022 will be the year of exploring!

Your FreewayCamper Team

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