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Autumn and winter camping are becoming more and more popular! Autumn walks, snowshoe hikes, fun on the slopes and tobogganing fun offer you a great contrast to summer, beach and sea! In order to make your vacation in a camper a relaxing experience despite the cold temperatures, you need a certain amount of equipment, which we at FreewayCamper of course offer you: Fully equipped campers and additional equipment for your autumn and winter camping adventure!

Can you live and sleep in a camper in autumn and winter?

Of course! Camping is a wonderful experience even in the cold season and our campers are fully equipped for it. At FreewayCamper we offer you several different models of campers, all of which are perfectly prepared and suitable for autumn and winter use. Thanks to their reliable independent heating, the interior of your living room will be cozily warm and comfortable even at sub-zero temperatures, so that you can feel completely comfortable in your camper both on the cold days and on the even colder nights. We ourselves have already tested camping at -10 degrees!

For our Bulli there are further extras available with our Calicap and Caliheat, so that it is perfectly insulated even when the pop-up roof is open, you can sleep upstairs in pleasant temperatures and use the complete space concept of the Bulli without any restrictions.

This makes living and sleeping in all our camper models an all-round comfortable experience. Even our MINI Countryman, with its 4x4 all-wheel drive and roof box, is ready for your winter trip to the mountains in a different way. :-)

Our camping all-rounders: Our Pössl campervans and our fully integrated motorhome
Wintercamping Pössl Roadcruiser mit Aufstelldach

All our campervan models as well as our fully integrated motorhome have winter tires and are already winterized thanks to their equipment and insulation. A reliable integrated parking heater, which is even equipped with a timer, is standard equipment. So you can preheat the living area and warm up directly in your warm camper after your winter trip. The side mirrors are also heatable, so you have a clear view immediately. Basically, you are already very well equipped. You can book the following extras for your perfect winter camping adventure:

  • Windscreen insulation | 29 €
  • Snow chains | 39 € / set

Our motorhome and RVs also have an integrated parking heater, winter tires and heated side mirrors. In addition, you can book snow chains (39 € / set) for the perfect winter trip to the mountains.

With our Bulli into the winter camping with the It-Pieces Calicap and Caliheat
Calicap VW T6

Our vans and our Bulli are also very well equipped for the winter with winter tires, a parking heater, basic insulation and heated side mirrors. So that you can also use the complete space concept in this camper class in any weather and temperature situation, we offer you as a winter extra our additional windscreen insulation and our Calicap, which additionally insulates your pop-up roof.

With the Caliheat you can conduct the heat from the parking heater from below into your pop-up roof. This makes living and sleeping in the pop-up roof a cozy experience even in winter.

For your autumn and winter camping adventure in a van you can book the following extras:

  • Roof tent insulation | 39 €
  • Windscreen insulation | 29 €
  • CaliHeat heating tube | 29 €
  • Snow chains | 39 € / set
How do Calicap and Caliheat work?

The Calicap is like a cap that you additionally stretch over your pop-up roof. With a few simple steps it is installed and makes sure that the heat stays in your van.

The Caliheat is a hose with which you conduct the heat from the parking heater into the pop-up roof.

Caliheat VW T6

Of course you will receive a detailed explanation about the installation and use of Calicap and Caliheat when you hand over your camper. Furthermore you can watch videos with a detailed description of Calicap and Caliheat.

The winter equipment of our Marco Polo models

Our Marco Polo models have an integrated parking heater and winter tires. In addition, you can book a special winter equipment for your pop-up roof and an additional insulation for the windshields. The roof tent insulation is like a cap for your pop-up roof, which insulates and keeps dry.

For your winter camping adventure in the Marco Polo you can book the following extras:

  • Roof tent insulation | 39 €
  • Windscreen insulation | 29 €
Autumn and winter camping with FreewayCamper

Even in colder temperatures your camper will keep you warm and you can comfortably travel, live and sleep in it. Whether camping in autumn or in snow, with our campers and the additional equipment you are perfectly equipped for all weather and temperature conditions and can enjoy your trip in a relaxed way.

You already feel like it? Then book quickly, because autumn and winter camping is becoming more and more popular! Until the end of the month you will get our Calicaps for the Bulli for free. From 01.11.2020 you can book your additional extras directly online or on site when you book.

Test camping in the cold season now with one of our fully equipped campervans, our motorhome or with our VW T6.1 California Ocean with Calicap and Caliheat for your camping adventure in any weather.

If you have any questions, we are always happy to help. Directly via the chat on, by e-mail or by phone +49 89 889 970 86 and WhatsApp on +49 176 416 835 38.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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