Camping with kids

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Camping means freedom, adventure and independence - what is very important in a family vacation. Children love camping vacations because they can be freely arranged, you are in nature and adventures are pre-programmed.

We will show you the advantages of camping with kids, which of our campervans are best suited for this and we also have a great campsite tip for you!

Your advantages when camping with kids

Flexibility and make the day as you and your family have imagined it. Spend the day as you like: get up and have breakfast when you want and take a nap together in the camper in the afternoon. Sounds like relaxation for young and old alike!

Camping with kids can be so easy because you'll be out in nature a lot and what could be better than playing there, climbing trees and jumping into the refreshing lake?

Many campsites offer great activities for children. With us you can book a campsite directly and filter for the best for camping with kids. Some campsites are specialized for families and offer a playground, sports fields or even a pool. At the campsite you will quickly find friends for joint activities and adventures during your camping vacation!

Another advantage is the joint planning, because even the little ones want to have a say in where the trip can go. Spontaneously you can make a stop and enjoy the scenery, if the trip should take too long and you need a break. Whether a stop at the seaside or still at the amusement park, with a camper you are always flexible!

A camper offers plenty of storage space for all the luggage a family needs. Our campervans have a great system with many storage options. Whether cabinets and drawers for clothes and toys or the utensils for cooking for the whole family. At FreewayCamper you get a fully equipped camper with a kitchen and outdoor package. And in addition we have great kids equipment, for trips with child in the back carrier, the ride in the camper or sitting together at the table for dinner.

Camping mit Kind: Kids Equipment

What you should consider when camping with kids

If you already have experience camping with kids, you'll have the packing list in your head and be off on your adventure right away. But if you need a little help, here's our FreewayCamper packing list for you! If you don't think you can handle two weeks in a camper, just try it out for a few nights. Our minimum rental is 3 nights and is perfect for testing.

The best time of year for camping with kids is of course the school vacations in spring or summer. But if you are not bound to the vacations, because your children are still a little smaller, we recommend a period outside the vacations. Here not only our campers are cheaper, but also everything else.

Small tip from us: Traveling together with a family of friends can be super nice for the kids and so the parents also have a little more time to relax.

Which campers are suitable for camping with a child?

In principle, almost all of our campers are suitable for camping with children. However, at FreewayCamper we have great campers especially for families. They are more spacious, so they offer more room and great sleeping options with adventure included.

Camping with one or two children

Enough sleeping places thanks to the pop-up roof as well as an integrated kitchenette you have in the VW T6.1 California Ocean and our self-sufficient campervan 540 Family, which even has an integrated bathroom. These two models are perfect for the adventurers among you who like it compact and smart.

Campen mit einem oder zwei Kindern

Camping with three children

Our VW T6.1 California Beach even offers space for families with three children. It offers a fold-out mini-kitchen with a single-burner gas stove and a cozy seating and dining area through the rotating front seats. There are two sleeping areas in each, a lounge bed on the fold-down rear seat (150 x 200 cm) and a bed in the pop-up roof (120 x 200 cm) with a panoramic window. For traveling with children, you can also book a mattress for the cockpit (CampSleep, 148 x 64 cm).

Campen mit einem oder zwei Kindern

A small apartment on four wheels

Our campervan 640 Family with pop-up roof is 6.4 meters long and your smart, high-quality and comfortable premium campervan with room for 5 people and an extra bedroom with panoramic view. The additional large bed (130 x 205 cm) in the manual pop-up roof creates a cozy retreat and space for the whole family. In addition, there is a large dining area and a room bathroom, creating a 2-3 room apartment.

Camping mit Kind

Luxury camping with kids

The ultimate feeling of freedom you have in our Campervan 600 - VW Grand California. With its 6 meters length it is your comfortable, high quality and smart premium campervan with space for 4 people. The rear area of the campervan offers space for a restful sleep in the large bed (transverse bed, 140 x 200 cm). Further sleeping possibilities are available in the loft bed (120x160-190cm) above the dinette, accessible via an aluminum ladder. The bed is especially suitable for children on camping adventures as a family and also inspires with a panoramic window.

Camping mit Kind

Camping with kids in Croatia

Through our website you can easily book campsites and plan your trip from the comfort of your home. How about relaxing in Croatia with great pools, sports activities and picturesque surroundings? We have a great offer for you: Kamp Vita Terme Tuhelj has a special price for you if you book through our site. From 18.06-20.06 all our clients will get free entry for the dog, unlimited use of the pools and a special price of 20 € per night. More about Kamp Vita Terme Tuhelj you can find here.

Camping in Kroatien

You can discover more great campsites in Croatia on our website!

Have fun camping with the whole family.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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