To Paris by camper

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Exploring Paris by camper, how does that sound to you? Sonja and her family did that with one of our Bullis and let us share their trip. Five of them were on the road in France and experienced many great things.

Which camper did you choose and why?

Since last year our neighbor in Stuttgart is a FreewayCamper, so it was clear for us that we would borrow a van. Shortly before the summer vacations we went on vacation with our VW California Beach from FreewayCamper.

Who was on the camping vacation?

With the VW Bulli T6. 1 California Beach it went with the complete family mom 39, dad 44 and 3 children 13 and 2x5 years old to France.

Main destination was Disneyland Paris and since we drove extra one day earlier we visited Paris and the Eiffel Tower of course.

Disneyland Paris mit dem Camper
What does it mean for you to travel with the whole family in a camper?

It was very exciting for the 3 kids, especially the anticipation of the "sleeping tent" on the roof.

Being on the road together with the family means a lot to us. You share beautiful moments and experiences that you always remember. After such a long time of consideration and restrictions, it was like a reward for us to finally be able to experience something beautiful again.

I think the kids will remember the time in the camper very fondly. They always ask when they see "our green camper Natalia" in the yard when we are going again.

How did you come up with the destination France - Paris?

Because of the visit to Disneyland, it was very clear that we would definitely go to Paris in the 4 days. I have never seen the Eiffel Tower and wanted to stand live under the tower and look at the impressive architecture. The cute little side streets and the hustle and bustle around this Eiffel Tower was very nice to look at.

Disneyland Paris mit dem Camper
What tips do you have for traveling by camper to a city like Paris?

Paris is definitely worth a trip with a camper. The parking around the Eiffel Tower is very good there are some parking garages and many options to park on the side of the street. The traffic in Paris is a bit "wild" but we managed that well too.

What was your best camping moment?

Our best moment was visiting Disneyland. Traveling with the Freeway Camper was a very nice experience for the whole family. Staying overnight where it is most beautiful and then having breakfast in the morning in peace and quiet was really an experience. We will definitely rent a camper again.

Disneyland Paris mit dem Camper

Thank you for the great interview with you!

We are absolute fans of traveling by camper and discovering new, extraordinary places. What do you think about a trip to Paris? Book a camper and bon voyage!

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