Camping for the first time

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The experiences of Jenny and Andreas

Camping for the first time - a great experience for many. We talked to Jenny and Andreas and Jenny answered a few questions for you about her first camping experience and opened an Instagram channel especially for it to accompany the journey.

Check out Jenny and Andreas, aka "She" and "He" from @Vespaarontour, where they documented their 2-week tour, once around Germany (3,000 km).

Thank you both for the great impressions!

FreewayCamper on the road
Why did you decide to go camping?

"He" turned 50 in March and the big wish was to spend this day with me somewhere abroad! Since foreign travel is currently associated with some effort and Germany is also very beautiful, I was looking for an alternative to be able to celebrate this day properly.

I have always thought, how can travel currently best implemented? In a campervan!

Thought, provider searched, found, booked!

Pössl Campervan
How did you prepare for the camping trip?

The rules from state to state were very different and confusing, the uncertainty of whether we should take this trip was great. After all, we had only booked the smallest van. Ok, I had booked a camping toilet in addition as a precaution - but can we shower on the way at all? After a phone call with Nico from FreewayCamper Stuttgart, we decided to upgrade to the larger Pössl Campervan, with integrated bathroom. Nico answered all our questions patiently. As it turned out afterwards, he gave us the most important tip for this trip - "Download the app Park4night". Thank you for this!!!

It was the first time for us. And we were definitely a little excited. We would probably leave one or two comfort zones. How long would we last together in such a small space? Where can and do we want to go? And what all should we take with us?

My biggest concern? Hopefully it won't get too cold!

We packed a lot of comfortable, warm clothes and in addition to our own bedding, sleeping bags as a precaution. I spoiler times at this point - Cold it was despite snow and temperatures to - 10 degrees never!

After a great briefing and a super hint from Nico, we made us on 13.03.21 at 18:00 on the way to the first RV parking for the night, to Herrenberg. Here we were able to "fill up" with water without any problems, but the parking space was unfortunately closed. Thanks to the entries in the app, however, we found a great parking spot for the night only 5 minutes away and enjoyed a fantastic first evening, with views over the city of Herrenberg.

How did you like it? Was there anything you missed?

From day 1, we felt incredibly comfortable in the Citroen Clever, affectionately just called the "Pössl" by us. It was adopted and accepted as home! I wanted to give him already on day 2 never again and drive to the end of the world!!!

The only thing we were missing was a hose and the right connections to fill up with water. However, the watering can that was provided served its purpose here, albeit a bit slower.

What was your best camping moment?

The most beautiful camping moment was, the pitch in Lenggries at the Sylvensteinsee. It's just a gorgeous place for walks by the lake and in the evening it started to snow. The atmosphere was magical!

Campingtrip Deutschland
Who did the cooking?

Andreas has provided the coffee in the morning, since we also prefer to drink coffee from the espresso maker at home, it was like home!!!

I love to cook and find it absolutely no problem to cook beautiful dishes with few ingredients even on the road.

For us, what you should always have with you when traveling are the following items:

  • a sharp knife
  • Olive oil in a jar with your favorite spices and garlic
  • salt and pepper

The most delicious meal on our trip: Pumpkin sage girasoli (bought ready-made) with zucchini, fennel and feta cheese!

Kochen im Camper
Here is the recipe from Jenny and Andreas to recreate:
  • Cook girasoli according to package directions in crock pot.
  • 1/2 zucchini (approx. 100 g)
  • Sauté 1/2 fennel (approx. 100 g) hot in a pan with spiced oil.
  • Add feta cheese to pan until soft. Stir and serve.

Cooking tip from them: Don't forget the glass of white wine!

Was there a camping challenge you faced?

Other than being unsure of which sites were currently open, there were no uncertainties for us. We really enjoyed the togetherness and saw a lot of beautiful places. We walked a lot and met few but incredibly nice people.

It was definitely not our last camping trip, especially because we want to test again whether we would have just as much fun when the places are open and full of people.

Panoramaview im Camper
What would you recommend to camping beginners?

For camping beginners I recommend the app Park4night, with a big request to leave comments where you have stood. We have written to the administrators and advised to install a search function through which you can view recently visited sites. Because at the moment nothing is more pleasant than to know in advance which places are open.

Jenny and Andreas

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