Interview Station Manager Nico Stuttgart

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FreewayCamper is growing and more and more stations are added. Today we introduce you to our Station Manager Nico. He is responsible for our location in Stuttgart and also likes to travel privately with a camper and his bike!

Hey Nico, nice that you have time. We are already very excited about what you have to tell.

FreewayCamper Bike and Camping
What is your favourite camper and why?

The Campervan 540, because it fits into any parking space. 😊 It is just perfect for every camping beginner, as it is very compact and has everything a camper needs. An integrated kitchen, a private bathroom and of course the pitched roof. Waking up with a panoramic view is simply the best start to the morning. But it is not only for camping beginners, but also for all adventurers who like it compact and full of comfort. Simply the perfect camper for a trip into the mountains by bike.

What do you enjoy most about this job?

The adventurous customers who bring me stories from the camping world every day. In addition, the varied work and the joy when our clients bring the camper back and had a great holiday.

We’ve seen you often on E-bike, how do you like it?

It is amazing! You have enough space for your luggage, the trailer is not too heavy and you can go anywhere. It’s super easy to drive and really fun. Staying in the microcaravan is also comfortable and you have enough space for two people. But then I prefer to travel with a normal bike-pack tent, because I love the challenge and make a lot of trips with my bike. 😉

FreewayCamper E-Bike with Microcaravan
Have you ever had a customer come back from a trip and not liked camping at all?

Only once or twice, but before the trip I make sure that my customers can also gain something good from an avoidable “bad” experience.

Because you’d rather notice after a weekend with a rental camper that camping doesn’t replace the longed for holiday than after buying a new camper. 😊

So I can only recommend you, try it and if it’s not for you, you may have lost some money, but you are at least sure.

What would you recommend to our clients in the current times?

Be spontaneous and do not let small things stop you to have a great holiday . . . it’s the inner attitude that makes the camping trip a highlight! Oh yes and used Park4Night The app shows you great pitches for your camper and is especially perfect in the current time to find a place to stay overnight, empty the water tank or the toilet.

Obviously, camping is high on your To Do list, but what else are you passionate about?

If I’m not in or under the camper I’m actually only sitting on the bike. Whether it’s up the mountains, down the woods or around Lake Constance. 😊 I am just super happy to be out in nature and I also like to combine it with a camping trip.

So let’s go, grab camper and bike and go on the adventure!

FreewayCamper Roadcar

Thank you Nico for the insights into your work on the station. We’re always looking forward to your photos and videos to share on Instagram.

Visit Nico at our station in Stuttgart and get to know him personally. Maybe you’ll see him on the road on his bike.

FreewayCamper VW Bulli

We look forward to seeing you.

Your Freewaycamper Team

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