8 Benefits of long-term travel in a camper

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So many people speak about long-term travel, but what exactly is it? Long-term travel has no exact definition. Some believe long-term travel is a month, others a year, and some might think a lifetime. At FreewayCamper, long-term travel is a camper trip of 35 days or more.

Long-term travel in a camper is the ultimate form of freedom! Not only is it a great way to see a country, but you are also free to travel at your own pace. Long-term travel in a campervan comes with a handful of benefits.

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Discover places off the beaten path

Travelling in a camper lets you explore those hard-to-reach places. When you travel long-term, you have the time and opportunity to explore more remote areas. As you are not under time pressure, you can take a detour here and there. Let your heart be the compass!

Form international friendships

When travelling long-term in a camper, you will stumble upon a few like-minded people. No matter if you are in a caravan park, on the road, or somewhere off the beaten path. Fellow travellers are easy to talk to, as you share a few common interests such as camping and travel. As you are not rushed for time when travelling long-term, you are also likely to chat with locals.

More flexibility and spontaneity

When you travel for an extended period, there is no time pressure. If you decide you want to spend another day in a city, have the urge to make a detour on our original route, or you want a day to rest and recover, you can do so. Since time is no longer an important factor, you experience more freedom and less stress. No more coming back from holiday and feeling like you need a holiday to recover from your holiday.

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Going somewhere new is fun

If you like to travel, which we presume you do, you know how fun it is to see new places and explore foreign countries. While travelling, discovering new places and exploring is your daily task. You will see how unique people are, how friendly the world is, and how beautiful our planet truly is.

It is often cheaper

When travelling long-term, you are likely to experience your cost of travel in many countries to be cheaper than living in your home country. You will see that in many countries, full meals are available for 1€. Furthermore, with long-term travel, there is no time pressure, meaning you can take your time to explore and get the most out of tickets and entrance fees.

Personality development

A study by Julia Zimmermann and Franz Neyer, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, found extended travel to help develop your personality. Those who travelled for at least 4-8 months became more open to new experiences, more agreeable (more likely to get along with others) and more emotionally stable than those who did not travel.

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Learn a new language

When you travel to a country for more than a few days, you will be inclined to speak the local language. At first, it may only be a “hello” or a “thank you”. As time passes, your language skills will progress too. You will feel more confident speaking a foreign language. Being in a foreign country is a great way to learn a new language, as you are surrounded by native speakers.

Tip: If you try speaking the local language, locals are more likely to smile and help you out since you are showing an effort by using their language.

Save money with FreewayCamper

For all those planning to travel long term, we have great news. At FreewayCamper, we offer discounts on long term bookings. If you travel for more than 35 days, you save 20%. Planning a multi-month trip? For bookings longer than 90 days, you save 25% on your total camper rental!

With so many benefits of long-term travel, what is holding you back? Book a camper today and let the adventure of a lifetime begin! Who knows, you might come back a changed person.

Wishing you happy travels, sunny days, and an overall good time,

Your FreewayCamper Team

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