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Dennis and Farina were on the road with our new camper Marco Polo and talk about their experiences. Thank you both for the interview and the many impressions you share with us.

We are Dennis & Farina, both 28 years old. We both love to be out in nature. Be it hiking, mountain biking but also everything else that can be adrenaline charged.

I like to go camping for years, so far actually only with the tent and therefore already have a lot of equipment and some experience. But always wanted to go with a camper. In June, I was then on the road with your VW Bulli Pablo and since then I follow you on social media, so I became aware of the competition.

Dennis was already half a year in America and México with a van on the road and knows the life in a car actually pretty well. Otherwise, he likes to go camping on his motorcycle.

Marco Polo Campervan
You were the lucky winners of our Marco Polo competition. What did you like about the Marco Polo?

We particularly liked the equipment, everything is of a very high quality and really beautifully made. Everything has been thought through down to the smallest detail, making the camping experience child's play. It is rare to have the opportunity to drive such a new and, above all, high-quality car.

It (her name was Luisa) was wonderful to drive, with the many assistant systems it was really a pleasure to be on the road. With the size of the car you are very flexible and everyone gets along well with it. You just see so much more of the surroundings and feel like a little explorer.

What do you have to pay attention to when traveling with the Marco Polo?

We had to pay special attention to the dimensions of our Luisa, because it is quite long and especially high (compared to our normal cars). It was a bit more difficult to find a parking space, because you have to be very careful with the car. It is also good if you always close the drain at the sink properly, otherwise it smells at times. What was not quite clear to us at first 😂.

Also clever are the drive-up wedges, if you do not want to roll to one side while sleeping.

How would you describe the camping experience with the Marco Polo?

We particularly liked the equipment. The kitchen in a beautiful black, which is visually reminiscent of piano lacquer. It has a lot of stowage options, which are also thought through to the last detail. The cooler is just huge, we didn't manage to get it even close to full. Even if you buy wine in vast quantities (highly recommended along the Moselle). The car in general is really spacious, even if you set up the table and turn one of the front seats, you can almost dance. We always spent the nights in the roof tent. Which was really very comfortable and spacious for the two of us. Due to the parking heater it was not too fresh at night. All in all, you notice the car's upscale equipment and orientation. Whereby we have probably not quite exhausted them.

One day we had unfortunately bad luck with the weather and have spent so much time in the camper, which was also very nice. You could get to know the car even better and discover more features. Something like the light that could be made brighter but also cooler depending on your mood.

On the road the car is a real treasure, it drives very pleasantly and is easy to handle. And despite the camping equipment has a pleasant size to be able to explore cities.

Marco Polo Campervan
You were on the road for a long weekend with the camper. What would you say are the advantages of a short trip with the camper?

You are simply not tied to a place. In no time at all you can "pack up" and hit the road immediately. Be it the weather you want to escape from or just the desire to discover more. If you like it, you just stay longer or look for a nicer spot. You never need much space and are not permanently dependent on electricity or water from the outside.

You can arrange your trip very flexible and according to your own wishes and ideas. So you see a lot in a relatively short time, which is not comparable with a hotel stay.

Marco Polo Campervan

What was your best camping moment?

Our best moment was actually waking up in nature, right by the river. Being able to enjoy breakfast but also all other meals in beautiful, picturesque places. Knowing you can leave in no time and find another more beautiful place.

Marco Polo Campervan

You also feel like a camping trip with our Marco Polo? Then let's go: book a camper and start your adventure!

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