Our Grand California Camper Tester

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Christine and her family tested our Grand California and answered some questions about it. They were already on the road with one of our Campervan 640 Family and had the perfect comparison between the two models. Together with the Grand California and their children in the luggage they started their adventure from Frankfurt am Main.

Christine's family applied to us to become a camper tester, with the intention of showing that anyone can go camping. Whether small or large, camping experienced or the absolute beginner - the only thing you should love is the adventure.

Thank you for the great insights and food for thought.

Camper tester
1. What did you like about the VW Grand California?

We really liked the design. The car is modern and looks bright and tidy. You feel comfortable right away.

2. What is the difference between the VW Grand California and the 640 Family campervan you have already been on the road with?

First, of course, the size of the difference. The Grand California is high and the Campervan 640 Family is long.

The driving comfort is better in the VW. It drives like a passenger car. You sit comfortably and the assistance systems provide safety while driving.

But the Family 640 has more space. The pop-up roof was a highlight for my older children.

3. What do you have to watch out for when you are on the road with the VW Grand California?

Actually not much. Through FreewayCamper you have the most important things with you. The basic equipment is really well thought out. However, a can opener would still be very helpful. Thanks to the good equipment of the camper you do not have to worry about much. Pack food and sleeping bags and you are ready to go.

Grand California
4. How would you describe the camping experience with the VW Grand California?

The camping experience with the campervan is wonderful. The Grand California is a great vehicle. However, you should not be too tall. The beds in the back are only comfortable up to 180cm. But the mattress is comfortable even for somewhat heavy people, although it seems quite thin.

The bed in the high roof is a nice place for the kids to sleep. My boys are about 150cm tall. For this it was super. Taller you should not be, because then it becomes a bit too tight. Therefore, the Grand California is perfect for a family with children.

We had during our stay quite cold nights. But you didn't notice anything of that because of the parking heater. We did not freeze.

What is a bit stupid solved, is the light in the bathroom. This goes on with motion detector. Is impractical at night, because then briefly the whole car is illuminated.

The space is sufficient for 3 people. To 4. it is already narrow. Unfortunately, there is a lack of cabinets. The cupboards above the bed are not so good to load.

5. You were traveling together as a family. What tips do you have for camping as a family?

Camping is definitely a great way for families to vacation. You should have board games with you for days with bad weather, depending on the age of the kids.

Otherwise, it depends on how you are traveling. If you make a round trip, there is usually a lot to discover.

If you're on a campsite, the kids will quickly make friends.

It's great when everyone has a small retreat area, especially with somewhat older children.

6. What was your best camping moment?

The best moment for us was definitely watching the stars from the skylight. We had pretty cold, cloudless nights. It was so nice to watch the stars from the skylight while lying down.

We were even able to spot a shooting star. My highlight was the first coffee at 3 degrees outside temperature in the bright sunshine in front of the camper.

VW Grand California

Love and thank you for the wonderful time.

We will certainly book again next year with FreewayCamper!


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