Sascha on the road in Austria

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Sascha is our FreewayCamper Ambassador, passionate photographer and loves traveling with the camper. Whether with his family or together with friends, Sascha is on the road with the camper several times a year and told us about his experiences with FreewayCamper.

You have already been on the road with some of our campers. What is your favorite and why?

That's right, I have really tested a few models. But for me there is no clear favorite. Each camper has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on where we are going and how we want to spend our vacation, different models are suitable for our needs.

If we are traveling for a long time and want to do a lot of wild camping, then the VW Grand California or a Campervan 640 is the perfect choice. But if we want to go to Lake Garda for 5 days on a campsite, for example, the VW California or Marco Polo is also enough. I make it depend on how much we want to do in the camper and what kind of camping vacation it is. Constantly back and forth to clear, or rinse in a small space you can do, but you do not have to. :)

Which camper do you think fits best for a trip with your family?

I would say Campervan 640 Superior is our favorite here. It's not as solidly built and light / friendly as the VW Grand California 600, but it has much more storage space for our long trips and of course the 2x2 meter bed. The little one likes that best.

Familie Camping
On your last trip you were traveling with a friend. What makes a great vacation with a friend in a camper for you? With which camper were you on the road?

Exactly, we were on the road in the Salzburger Land and Styria. We were allowed to test the new VW Grand California 600. It's a great camper, it drives almost like a passenger car and is nice and light.

What makes a great road trip for me is having the freedom to make the trip and each day as we want. We didn't decide where to go until the morning we left. While we were most driven by the impending rain, thus we were able to find the best destination region for our short trip. I also love to be able to be outside in nature for a long time and to be on the road for a bit longer. For example, we went hiking on a mountain until late in the evening.

Sternenhimmel camping
What does a vacation with a camper mean to you?

Complete freedom, especially in times of pandemic. Since April 2020, we have been on tour a total of 7 times and only once had concerns (because of the curfew in December 2020) whether we can carry out and enjoy our vacation. We were often very lucky that exactly to our vacation the trip to Austria, Switzerland or Italy was possible again, but still it would not have bothered us to stay here in Germany. If I had firmly booked a vacation in another country or also in a hotel, I would have had clearly more concerns. When I think of vacation, I do not want to worry whether it can take place.

What should not be missing on your camping vacation?

What a question. :) My camera, my lenses and lots of spare batteries / chargers.

Of course, my hand grinder for the perfect coffee must not be missing. It is actually not so easy to get really good and not burnt coffee from a Moka / Bialetti espresso maker. It's simple little things, but without freshly ground and high quality beans it's impossible. I had thought about doing a tutorial on this before. I think that might appeal to some FREEWAY campers. My buddy was very excited about it on our trip.

Kaffee kochen im Camper
Do you have any advice for our clients who aren't sure which camper to book?

For inexperienced campers on their first trip who want to take it easy: better book one size bigger. Then you have room to organize yourselves initially and realize carefree what you don't need and what you can leave at home next time.

How to take the perfect photo of a camper?

For the perfect photo with the smartphone I would have a short checklist:

  • Wait for the hour before sunset, here you have the best light. Not too bright or too dark and much more beautiful colors.
  • Pay attention to little things on / in the camper, with a few moves everything looks clean (the garbage bag, the water bottle or a glowing Fanta can)
  • Position yourself at a 45° or 90° angle to the sun. Never directly with the light or into the light. Shooting directly into or against the light requires much better composition and especially camera.
  • Hold the camera at the eye level of a toddler. The perception from this deep angle creates much faster an enthusiasm, as if we would look at the photo as a small child.
  • And finally of course pull the trigger :)

Thanks Sascha for all the great impressions and tips. We are very much looking forward to reading your instructions for the perfect coffee soon 😉 and to many more great road trips with you and your family.

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