5 must-see spring campervan destinations in 2024

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Spring is around the corner! The days get longer, the temperatures milder, and the first flowers start blossoming. A campervan trip in spring is ideal, as the tourist crowds are still smaller, the mosquitos and other pesky bugs are not out, and the days still have a nice cool breeze, perfect for exploring and enjoying a fire at night.

But with so many beautiful places to explore in a camper, what are absolute must-see places this spring?

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Explore the Garden of Europe in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for its beautiful tulips and friendly citizens, making it an ideal spring destination. As spring comes around, the Netherlands floods with fields of flowers, and majestic gardens come to life.

One of the most beautiful areas to experience spring is Keukenhof Park. The park, also known as the Garden of Europe, is one of the largest flower parks in the world. It has around 7 million flowers and 800 sorts of Tulips. A must-see for everyone.

Psst! The garden is only open from mid-March to mid-May, so book your adventure today!

Visit Slovenia for its spring blossoms

Slovenia is a small country bordering Italy and Croatia. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, has a rich history, beautiful natural scenery, a lively city.

Ljubljana is a perfect city to explore. You can go kayaking along the river and enjoy stops at one of many little cafés or indulge in some tasty ice cream. Alternatively, you can explore the city by bike and enjoy the spring blossoms in every corner.

Once you have explored the city, head out to the Postojna caves to ride the first railway in a cave or to Lake Bled, where you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset. Both are under an hour away and perfectly reachable by camper.

Our tip: rent a camper or RV with a bicycle rack, as you can explore the city and surrounding areas at your own pace!

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Swing by Spain for some sun

Do you need to escape the winter cold and finally jump back into the summer? Then Seville is the perfect getaway for you. Seville is the hottest city in Europe and boasts around 12-13 hours of daylight in March and April.

Enjoy the day eating tapas and watching people go by, walking along the beautiful promenades of the Guadalquivir River, or exploring the greenery and wildlife of Alamillo Park.

More than just beer and bratwurst in Germany

You can experience spring without leaving Germany. The Mainau Island at the Bodensee showcases pristine gardens that are maintained not only with love but with excellent environmental practices.

Known affectionately as the Flower Island, the island has something for everyone. There are multiple flower gardens, a butterfly greenhouse, a palm house, an Italian rose garden, a castle and a church, a playground for the kids, and much more. This island is worth a visit.

Best of all, the island is dog friendly, so take your four-legged friend with you this holiday!


Bathe in fields of red poppies in Italy

Italy, home to good coffee, wine, and food, is a fantastic place to explore this spring. Tuscany becomes alive in spring with its fields of blossoming flowers.

One of the best places to experience the fields of bright red poppies is in the Val d’Orcia region. You will find rolling grassland hills, traditional farmhouses and fields of poppies scattered thought. Soak up some spring sun before the sweltering heat and masses of tourists flood the country.

The poppy season is from April to May, so don’t miss this spectacular event!

Spring is a splendid time of the year to explore Europe as flowers start blooming, days get longer, the temperatures become milder, and the sun seems to lift everyone’s mood. Book your adventure and all additional extras with us today, and write your spring adventure!

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