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Our stations stand and fall with our Station Managers. They are the heart of the camper output and together with their teams have the most contact with you and the customers.

Today we talked to our Station Manager Meik, who has been with FreewayCamper since the beginning and manages the station in Munich.

Hey Meik, you spend most of your time with us at the station and have contact with our customers. I'm sure you have some interesting stories to tell

Freeway Camper Meik kom
What's your favorite camper and why?

My favorite camper is the Knaus Live I. I simply think that after a certain age, you should allow yourself some luxury. And even after a 19-year relationship, it's important that you're not always stuck with each other. In the Knaus, you simply have enough space for your own freedom and a certain comfort.

Why do you like this job so much?

The job is very varied. I have customer contact as well as writing stuff. Besides, I am challenged physically and also mentally. Every day is different - tasks that keep the mind sharp and, very importantly, contact with other people.

I really enjoy working in this great team, the cooperation on the ward is great, we get along well and I'm already looking forward to the upcoming main season.

There's always a lot going on at the station. What was your most interesting experience?

That's a difficult question. Every day is interesting. The loving thing is that sometimes you get cars back cleaner than you gave them out. But we also have weird situations here at the station that you wouldn't expect. Damage to the cars and unexpected repairs that you have to get a handle on in a very short time. But often I just have to laugh. We have a really lovely and great customers here. There is no such thing as a great, interesting experience at the station. Every day is different, great, and challenging in its own way. You have a complete range every day, not the day is great and the day is bad.

You are always fully committed. Can you tell us about your passion?

My passion is that the customer can have a great time with one of our campers with a clear conscience and full confidence. I want the customer to feel comfortable while he is at the station, have a great time, and drive away from the station with confidence. My goal is that he does not have to think long about how the camper works, but I could explain everything well so that he is convinced to start his vacation perfectly prepared and relaxed. I am always available for calls and queries and happy to help if the customer has forgotten something or needs information. My passion is that the customer leaves the area feeling confident and that the vehicles are in top condition.

I am also a dog lover and have made it my mission to offer our customers with dogs the possibility to travel safely and comfortably. Therefore, I have developed a dog package that customers can take with them on the road and start the adventure together with their fur noses.

How long does it take to clean a camper?

It always depends on how the camper comes back and if any repairs need to be done. We plan about 3 hours for this because we want the camper to be perfectly prepared and cleaned. It is not only the cleaning, but we also have to check all consumables and refill them if necessary and of course, disinfect the complete vehicle thoroughly. Therefore, we also have the pick-up time from 3 pm and a return until 11 am.

Thank you Meik for the great insights into your work and your passion, which is especially evident in contact with customers.

FreewayCamper Meik und Hunde

Visit Meik at our station in Munich and get to know him personally.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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