A surprise camping trip to France

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Trish gave Lena, her daughter, a trip with one of our campers for her graduation. She wrapped this up in a great self-made voucher and thus surprised her daughter. Together the two went on a trip with one of our Bullis. What they experienced and whether the surprise was successful, you can find out here in this interview.

Camping mit FreewayCamper
How did you get the idea to go on vacation with a camper?

Lena: I didn't know anything about it. It was an Abi gift surprise, but I was very happy about it because I always wanted to travel with a camper.

Trish: I saw an ad on Facebook from FreewayCamper and that they were bookable from Frankfurt. I had been looking for mother-daughter trips for Lena's Abi gift and since it has always been my dream (even as a little girl) to take a trip in a camper, this way two dreams could come true (one for the mother and one for the daughter:-).

Camping mit FreewayCamper
Who chose the destination and why did you choose it?

Lena: For me it was a surprise, I didn't know anything! My mom took care of everything.

Trish: I wanted our trip to be special and go to a great place, but also be corona compliant. So I decided that we would combine the trip with a visit to Lena's godmother in Normandy (France), she lives on a large acreage and 'in the middle of nowhere' #Grange de Pommiers#. So Lena's godmother could see her before she leaves for America as an au pair and I could see my friend again (which unfortunately was not possible for 2 years because of Covid).

Camping in Frankreich
What should not be missing for you on a mother-daughter vacation?

Lena: Good mood, good music for the trip and the right destination.

Trish: Fun, fun and fun again ... oh and of course good mood.

What was your best camping moment?

Lena: Having the best picnic in the rain at the supermarket parking lot, in the camper.

What tips do you have for a successful camping vacation?

Lena: Definitely take a camper from FreewayCamper :-) and a mom who is well organized and has everything under control and a daughter who provides the necessary fun.

Trish: Hmmm, I think Lena has already said everything.

Camping in Frankreich

Thank you for the great impressions of your trip to France with our camper.

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