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In May 2021 Steffi and Christian were together with our Bullis "Rosi" on the road. They are outdoor - lovers, like to go hiking, kayaking and biking. Most of all they like to travel with the camper. Last year they were with the roof tent for 3 weeks in Iceland.

Christian likes to combine traveling with his passion for photography and landscapes. Learn more on his Instagram channel @christiankoch87 and check out his great shots.

We asked the two camping lovers what they love about vanlife and what tips they have for you.

Bulli Vanlife
What do you like most about traveling by camper?

We love to be flexible and still not have to do without comfort. All this can be perfectly realized with a camper. Also, you always meet nice people and sometimes meet quirky camping mobile.

What was your best camping moment?

The best moment was 2018 in Iceland in September, tired from the trip we went to bed early.

Shortly after 11pm we were woken up by a loud crowd. Auroras were dancing in the sky above the campsite and we just lay there admiring the unique event. The next day we finished the day in the hot pool.

Bulli Vanlife
You travel a lot by camper. What would you recommend to newcomers?

We would recommend newcomers to camper to inform themselves in advance about campsites on the route and if necessary to get a place for the night early, towards evening the best places are occupied. Taking an extra canister of fresh water with you never hurts either. And what is also important: after the introduction by the camper company, to familiarize yourself again with technology and the turning circle on a parking lot briefly. Until you arrive at the campsite, it often takes a few hours.

What is the next country you would like to travel to by camper and why?

Our next destination is Norway and the Lofoten Islands in July 2021, a wonderful country with mystical fjords, mountains and glaciers that invite you to go hiking.

What is your passion away from camping and how do you combine it with your travels?

We can combine hiking and photography with our camping passion. You are in nature and can experience and capture incredible places and moments.

Christian Koch on the road

Thank you Steffi and Christian for your great tips and insights into the journey with our Bulli. We are looking forward to more trips with you!

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