An unforgettable road trip - Italy

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Greetings dear ones,
We are Jessi and Andy from gude.und.wech Feel free to discover more about our trip with FreewayCamper on our Instagram channel!
We were on the road with Ulf in Italy in July 2021 and had an unforgettable road trip.

Roadtrip mit dem Bulli

Jessi: I am 28 years old, come from Hesse and work at the bank. Traveling is my absolute favorite way to spend every free minute. I have always loved to go on vacation. In the past with my family and friends, then with Andy. We were always rather the hotel vacationers and just I could never really imagine camping. After this road trip it is clear for me: it was one of the best experiences and I will do it again and again.

Andy: Moin, I am 32 years old and work as a store manager assistant. In my childhood I often made vacations with tent and camper. But rather in my home country and surroundings - in the beautiful North of Germany. Together with Jessi I made more vacations further away from home and realized what great places there are behind the dike! Since these experiences my favorite hobby.

We both have a big life dream that we want to fulfill soon. We will go on a trip around the world. Now we can imagine even more also partially the world with a van to travel.

Learn more about Jessi and Andy and their adventurer with our Bulli "Ulf".

Why did you decide on a VW Bulli?

We traveled to 2. and knew for us the place is sufficient completely in a VW Bulli. We wanted to be completely free and in any case be able to travel spontaneously. Stand everywhere where it pleases us also not necessarily on classical campsites. Cities were also on our itinerary and we wanted to have the opportunity to be on the road with our car in the cities and also to be able to stand in parking garages.

Roadtrip mit dem Bulli
How did you decide on the route and what would you recommend for planning?

We traveled through Italy with Ulf and knew - we wanted to go to the beach and the city. We talked to friends who had already been to Italy and got tips. Looked on Instagram and the internet for beautiful places in Italy. We always pick spots we want to see and then look how we can connect them and how it would be smartest to travel the spots. From this we then plan our route, but always leave us the possibility to spontaneously change what. To stay where we like it and to move on if not. That's why we are not the friends of booking everything in advance. We always do that on the spot. Recommendations: Instagram - Google - Pinterest - TikTok

What is on your packing list for a camper trip and must not be missing in any case?

For us it was the first time to travel with a camper. Totally exciting and we were totally overwhelmed with what to take with us... first you really have to say that the bullis from FreewayCamper are really completely top equipped! Everything that concerns cooking, food, washing up, electricity and "furniture" you really do not have to bring anything. The chairs and the table are really great! Very stable and comfortable and really practical storage. We have normal things like food, drinks, extra gas and stove, decoration, blankets and pillows and clothes packed. Of course way too much, because actually you need almost nothing. But our top 3 "must haves" are definitely - fairy lights to make it really cozy - bug spray - and don't forget the toilet paper!

Cozy Abend im Bulli
Do you have a tip for a great place to stay?

Large or small campsite and why? We preferred to stay free standing. That was really a wonderful feeling and a totally beautiful experience. Everywhere is not possible but if you do a little research you will find something. We have searched through you app Park 4 Night and so also found our great pitch on Lake Garda - directly on Lake Garda. We were also on campsites and would give as a tip on the way: rather look for something smaller, family campsites. These are usually lovingly managed and you also support the smaller. You also get to know people very quickly because you are usually on a not so huge area.

Frühstück im Bulli
What was your most beautiful moment while camping?

For us, the best moment was definitely waking up on the first morning - with a direct view of the lake and a totally beautiful sunrise. Waking up like that is just dreamy and unforgettable. It was one of the most beautiful sunrises we have experienced so far. We were all alone and could really enjoy the peace and quiet in the morning. What was definitely also a highlight: In the evening to sit comfortably and romantically for two with a glass of wine under our decorated roof with fairy lights. Enjoying the peace and quiet, watching the stars and simply experiencing the moment.

Before the road trip we were both not sure if it is something for us, because we were usually always in a hotel. But after this vacation we can really say - it was one of our best vacations and it was definitely not the last time! We have really taken our Ulfi to our hearts!

Sonnenuntergang am Meer

Thank you Jessi and Andy for your great impressions of the trip with our camper. Ulf and we are looking forward to welcoming you again soon and to start the next exciting road trip together!

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