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The Wiesn will not take place this year as usual, but we have come up with something to still bring a little Oktoberfest flair and want to bring you a piece of Oktoberfest 2021 in your camper.

Our founder Julia has virtually "grown up" with the Wiesn. With her family's pretzel business and her many years of experience as a pretzel supplier at the Wiesn, it is her particular concern to bring a piece of the Wiesn into our campers 😊. With your own FreewayCamper Wiesn heart, our camping adventurers are well equipped during the original Wiesn time. Check out our social media channels Facebook and Instagram to discover more about Oktoberfest 2021 and camping with FreewayCamper.

Wiesn 2021
Oktoberfest 2021 and Camping
Wiesn 2021 - something completely different! Unfortunately, due to the current situation, the Munich Oktoberfest 2021 cannot take place. Nevertheless, the city of Munich offers some alternatives to bring at least a little Wiesn atmosphere to Munich. Take your chance to join the

Wirtshauswiesn and book a camper at one of our locations in Germany.

Impressions from last year - FreewayCamper Wiesn

Also in 2020 we brought the Wiesn to our campers and celebrated the Oktoberfest in Munich. If you have observed us a little bit in the last year, you have surely noticed that we have grown a lot. This year we are not only celebrating in Munich, but at all our stations in Germany. A newly designed FreewayCamper Wiesnherz, good-humored Station Managers and adventurous campers are waiting for you! Enjoy the Oktoberfest flair together with us and start your fall vacation.

Wiesn 2021
Camping during the Oktoberfest

For the original Wiesn, there is a pop-up campsite every year that offers a site for more than 1,500 campers. You can find all the info on booking for 2022 here. Unfortunately, the campsite won't open this year, but there are other campsites in the area that will welcome you and your camper this year as well. Take a look here and discover the campsites in Munich..

Wiesn 2021

And what could be more comfortable than relaxing in your camper after enjoying a delicious Wiesn pretzel, a fresh chicken and a Wiesn beer?

Rent your camper from FreewayCamper and we'll give you a little Wiesn for your camping adventure 😊.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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