Campervan 600 Basic - the Evergreen

The classic without compromises.


That's what you get with your camper

Our Campervan 600 Basic - the Evergreen is your spacious and comfortable campervan with a length of 6 metres, offering the ideal combination of driving dynamics and travel comfort.


Your apartment on wheels has a well-equipped kitchen with 2 stoves, sink and refrigerator incl. freezer compartment. The spacious seating and dining area (swivel front seats) offers space and comfort for all travellers. There is also a full bathroom with shower and toilet as well as pleasant freedom of movement and many stowage options.


In the rear area of the campervan you can sleep soundly in the comfortable and large bed. For campervans with more than 2 sleeps, further sleeping options are available in the front area with an extra bed (180x70 cm) and/or a mattress in the cockpit (Campsleep, 160x73 cm). You can find more details about the sleeping areas in your camper model under "Your apartment".


Your one-room apartment is fully equipped with auxiliary heating, a large fresh and waste water tank, a gas supply, a solar panel on the roof and many other practical features that enable you to enjoy your trip self-sufficiently even in winter.

In addition, we have already equipped your camper for you: Basic kitchen package (for 4 people), basic outdoor package (for all travellers), drive-up wedges, electric cable and bed sheets are included. So you can start your camping adventure right away - whether you're a camping beginner or a camping pro!

Of course, you can also book additional services, e.g. for travelling with your family, dog, sports, even more comfort or an all-round insurance package! You can find more details about our basic and extra services here or below.


The cockpit is equipped with the latest technology, a multimedia system, the most important safety features and a manual gearbox.


Fully comprehensive insurance, breakdown cover and mobility guarantee are included. You can add further insurances to reduce the excess or even an all-round carefree package. Further details can be found here. Please note that there are different rules for drivers under 23 years of age.


We fully offset the CO2 emissions for our own camper fleet with our partner ClimatePartner. You can find out more about this here. In addition, all our vehicles are new or like-new and therefore equipped with the highest environmental standards.

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Please note that in individual cases there may be slight deviations from the product described above. Exact details for your vehicle can be found in the specifications in the other tabs.

Additional Services

To make your camper adventure even more enjoyable and tailored to your needs, we offer a wide range of additional services for your camper rental. For example, special extras for sporting activities or family trips, a drop-off and pick-up service, premium kitchen equipment or a complete all-inclusive package - choose what suits you and your adventure and simply enjoy your time!