Flexible travel with shower and toilet in the camper

Flexible travel with shower and toilet in the camper
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No shower nearby? No problem! With FreewayCamper you are perfectly equipped for all situations. Taking a shower on the road is easier than you think, and a portable toilet also increases your comfort while camping!

We'll show you how to get a hot shower on the road and how to properly empty your camping toilet - because even if it's not the most popular activity while camping, you'll be glad to have it with you.

Your advantages of a camper with shower and toilet

We have two great ways of showering for you: self-sufficient campers with wet room on board or the outdoor shower including camping toilet for our vans!

1. Self-sufficient camper with wet room on board

Being free, independent and staying wherever you want - that's what Vanlife 2021 means. No matter if you want to avoid crowded campsites or if you prefer to spend your vacations off the beaten track, with a self-sufficient camper you are super equipped and always have your home on four wheels with you. With your own shower and toilet on board your camper, you are well equipped to be independent of outside supplies for about two to three days.

All our campervan models have an integrated bathroom. Discover more!

Camper mit Bad
Camper mit Bad
2. Your outdoor shower in the camper

Especially in smaller campers, like our VW Bulli is no wet room integrated. But even for this we have a great solution. Our VW Bulli California Ocean models have an integrated outdoor shower, so even outside a campsite you can rinse off the salt water after swimming in the sea, clean the sand off your dog or take a quick shower after exercising in the morning! Open the tailgate, pull out the shower hose, turn on the faucet and you're ready to have fun!

Our camper models with outdoor shower:

Your outdoor shower is included in the price and offers you great comfort

Our VW California Ocean models have this integrated!

Camper mit Außendusche
Camper mit Außendusche
Rent a camping toilet

To each of our campers without integrated bathroom you can easily book a mobile camping toilet. The perfect solution for nature lovers and wild campers. Please inform yourself in advance whether you can empty the camping toilet at your destination or look for a disposal station. Please do not dispose in nature!

Porta Potti mobile Toilette
Porta Potti mobile Toilette
How and where to empty the mobile camping toilet?
  1. check if the valve of the toilet is closed
  2. take the cassette out of the compartment
  3. take it to the disposal station
  4. put the cassette vertically upwards and carefully turn the pipe upwards
  5. very slowly tilt the tube towards the sink and just as slowly press the vent button on the cassette
  6. fill up with water using the hose, carefully swing the cassette back and forth and rinse out
  7. wash the cassette and cap and screw the cap back on again
  8. put the cassette back in place

You can book our Camping Toilet for 29 €.

Self-sufficient camping or staying at the campsite? If you prefer to enjoy the freedom, you will not want to do without your wet room. Whether directly in the camper or the integrated outdoor shower - Vanlife means independence, which you can experience with us!

Out into the adventure!

Your FreewayCamper Team