Equipment & Sevices

Equipment & Sevices
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At FreewayCamper you get a fully equipped camper at your disposal. Since we know that every camper's heart beats a little bit differently, we have thought of various additional services that can be booked. So you can easily and quickly customize your personal camping adventure to your needs!

Included equipment & services

Each of our campers is already equipped with the following basic equipment, so you can start your camping trip straight away.

Kitchen Package

The Kitchen Package is included in the camper rental price. It comprises kitchen items for 4 travellers, such as plates, cutlery, knifes, pots and much more. Here you can get inspired on cooking in a camper.

Kitchen package
Kitchen package

Table & 2 stools

All our campers are equipped with a table and 2x stools (exception VW Bulli 1 table and 2x chairs). If you are more than 2 travelers or you prefer to take camping chairs instead of stools, you can book them additionally.

Table & stools
Table & stools

Camper explanation

Our camper explanation will prepare you thoroughly for your trip with the camper. If you want to increase your anticipation before you start your journey or get comprehensive information, simply watch the appropriate introductory videofor your vehicle in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. And if you have any questions, we will of course be happy to help you on site.

Further inclusions

  • Unlimited kilometres (included for trips under 35 nights*)
  • Unlimited number of drivers
  • Basic equipment
  • Bronze Protection Package

\ More information can be found in FAQs.*

Basic equipment
Basic equipment

Service fee

The service fee of 99 € covers the one-time preparation of your camper, the provision of equipment (such as gas bottles, toilet chemicals and AdBlue) and a comprehensive explanation of all the important functions and features of your vehicle.

Our bookable additional services

FreewayCamper offers a wide range of additional services that can be added to create the camping adventure that suits you best. Please note that the range of additional services at our stations may vary. Detailed information on additional services can be found on the camper detail pages or during the booking process.

Cleaning Packages


  • Cleaning package inside (Camper must only be returned swept clean) | from 89€
  • Cleaning package outside | from 39€
  • Combined cleaning package (inside & outside) | from 119€


  • Cleaning package inside (Camper must only be returned swept clean) | from 109€
  • Cleaning package outside | from 49€
  • Combined cleaning package (inside & outside) | from 139€


  • Cleaning package inside (Camper must only be returned swept clean) | from 119€
  • Cleaning package outside | from 59€
  • Combined cleaning package (inside & outside) | from 159€
Cleaning packages
Cleaning packages

Additional Insurances

  • Bronze Protection Package | free
  • Silver Protection Package | 9€ per night
  • Gold Protection Package | 19€ per night
  • Platinum Protection Package | 29€ per night

You can find our protection packages in detail here, as well as in our FAQ section.

Drop-off and Pick-up Service

  • Within the city of the respective station | 49€ + 0,45€/km per trip
  • Outside the city of the respective station | 79€ + 0,45€/km per trip

The transfer is always possible in both directions and available for a maximum of 4 people.


  • Verona centre or airport | 50€ per trip
  • Bologna centre or airport | 50€ per trip
  • Modena centre | 10€ per trip


  • Cagliari centre or airport | 150€ per trip
  • Alghero centre or airport | 50€ per trip
  • Olbia centre or airport | 75€ per trip


  • Bari centre or airport | 45€ per trip

Bassano del Grappa:

  • Venice airport | 100€ per trip

The drop-off and pick-up service is available at all our stations on request. The official city boundary is used as a demarcation between the prices for trips within and outside the city. You can request the service right away for your holiday via our chat function, by e-mail info@freeway-camper.com or by phone on +49 89 889 970 86.

More cooking

Outdoor kitchen

Our Outdoor Kitchen with a 2-burner stove on a solid bamboo tabletop offers you a great camping experience when cooking outdoors. The convenient camping kitchen can be set up and dismantled in seconds and easily transported in a carry bag. The windbreak prevents the flames from going out - so nothing can go wrong when cooking outdoors with the camping kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen

Cooler Box

For everyone who likes to have some additional space to cool some food and drinks: we are offering an Extra Cooler Box (12V + 230V) for 49€.

Cooler box
Cooler box

Extras for more comfort

Camping chair

Are you travelling with more than two people? Are you looking for a little more comfort? Simply add our comfortable chairs with backrest at a price of 7€/chair to your booking. Ideal for a relaxing time outside!

Camping chair
Camping chair

Bedding Set

Our Bedding Set consisting of a blanket, pillow, bed linen and towels ensures restful sleep and maximum comfort. Less to lug around for you and immediately a homier atmosphere in your temporary home.

Bedding set
Bedding set

CampSleep - Additional sleeping place in the cockpit

For another cozy place to sleep, an additional mattress for the driver's cab can be added to all Bulli and Campervan models - the CampSleep. Please note this product is not available at all stations and is particularly suitable for children or small people due to its size.


Mobile Camping Toilet

For our campers without own bathroom on board, we offer a mobile camping toilet called Porta Potti (incl. biological sanitary liquid) to book. With this compact toilet you have your own small bathroom always with you.

Mobile camping toilet
Mobile camping toilet

Self-sufficiency package

Our self-sufficiency package provides you with optimal flexibility during your camping adventure. The power station can be conveniently charged using the car adapter, the 230 V mains adapter, and the included foldable solar panel. Thanks to its 1,500 W capacity and pure sine wave voltage, you can easily charge various devices such as laptops and coffee machines. Harness the power of solar energy and the portable solar panel to repeatedly recharge the power station, ensuring a continuous and sustainable energy source. Extend your power supply options for just 9€/night and secure additional flexibility during your camping trip.

Self-sufficiency package
Self-sufficiency package

Extras for sports and adventure

Bike rack

If you want to pack your bike on your camping trip, you can book one of our Bike Racks. The bike carrier is suitable for, two, three or four bikes and can be mounted on all our campers. Of course you can also take your e-bike with you on the bike carrier.

  • (Rear) Bike Rack (for 2 or 3 bikes & incl. trailer coupling) | 5€/night
  • Bike Rack (for 4 bikes & incl. trailer coupling) | 7€/night
  • Trailer Coupling | 3€/night
Bike racks
Bike racks

Camping with dog

Dog Package

Our Dog Package makes sure that your four-legged friend feels completely comfortable in our campers. With the support of a few fur noses we have developed this package for you, which can be booked free of charge in addition to the obligatory one-time dog fee of 99€. Please note that this fee does not replace any interior cleaning, but is charged for the additional expense incurred by bringing the dog. More information about the package can be found on our blog.

Camping with dog
Camping with dog

Extras for the family

Family Equipment

We have summarized for you what you should not miss on a family camping vacation. You will find all this in our bookable Family Equipment for your camping vacation.

  • Back child carrier (Kraxe) | 29€ - available at selected stations
  • Baby high chair (up to 25 kg) | 25€ - available at all stations
  • Camping crib (0-4,5 years) | 29€ - available at selected stations
Family equipment
Family equipment

Child Seats

To ensure the safety of the little one's while driving we offer baby and child car seats at several stations.

  • Baby car seat | 29€
  • Child car seat | 29€
Child seats
Child seats

Extras for winter camping

Winter Equipment

With our Winter Equipment we make sure you are kept warm and are driving safely. Please note these products are only available at selected stations.

  • Pop-up roof insulation | 39€ - for VW Bulli
  • Windscreen insulation | 29€ - for VW Bulli & Campervan
  • Heating tube for po-up roof | 29€ - for Van VW Bulli
  • Snow chains | 39€ / set - for VW Bulli, Campervan
Winter equipment
Winter equipment
Winter equipment Bulli
Winter equipment Bulli
Winter equipment Campervan
Winter equipment Campervan
With all our additional services, you can start your camping adventure relaxed and according to your needs and preferences. Our campers offer you everything you need for everyday camping. The additional products **may differ in terms of look or brand from the products displayed** on the pictures. However, there are no differences in terms of quality and functionality of the products. If you have any further questions or need help with packing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can reach us directly via our chat on www.freeway-camper.com, via e-mail info@freeway-camper.com or by phone on +49 89 889 970 86.