Fascination roof tent

Fascination roof tent
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Spending time on roofs is and remains a popular fascination, but this magic cannot be limited to high rooftops in cities. With a roof tent on your vehicle you can easily explore the most beautiful spots of our world.

So, camping in a roof-tent is quickly combined with warm summer nights, but why should we let this pleasure be taken away from the transition to the winter season? I have tested a cool night in a MINI with a roof tent for you, supported by the right equipment, and I'm taking you with me on this journey.

Good preparation is the key
Wintercamping MINI
Wintercamping MINI

Staying overnight in a roof tent brings a lot of freedom and spontaneity with it, which makes it just so attractive and exciting. In the cold months however also a good portion of preparation belongs to the camping pleasure. I would highly recommend to think about the weather conditions (not every cold is the same!), possible campsites (attention: special winter opening hours) and the right equipment. These three small preparation steps can make a big difference in retrospect.

The right winter camping equipment
Equipment zum Wintercamping
Equipment zum Wintercamping

When camping, on the one hand you go on a journey of discovery and adventure, but on the other hand you always have your home and your personal oasis of well-being with you. Once you chose the right Freeway Camper model, the fitting equipment is crucial to complete the package.

Here are my equipment recommendations for a night in a roof tent:
  • The optimal sleeping utensils

Warm blankets and pillows are always a good idea to make yourself cosy in the roof tent. In cold temperatures, however, I would definitely recommend a proper sleeping bag (please note the correct standard values here). During my test I also used an electric heating blanket, which I can literally warmly recommend. However, a power connection should be available.

  • The right clothes

Here the tactic of different layers is highly recommended, pack as many and warm layers as possible to keep yourself warm inside and outside (e.g. warm sweater, big and warming scarf, cap, gloves and the classic knitted socks).

  • The ultimate warmer

My camping favorites are always the beloved hot water bottle, the newly tested electric heating blanket and utensils to make delicious and warm tea. Perfect for this beautiful warm and cozy feeling!

  • More useful gadgets and gadgets

When the days get shorter and shorter and the nights feel darker, it is always practical to have a (forehead) lamp at hand. Fairy lights can then provide the popular camping atmosphere.

The night in the roof tent
Nacht im Dachzelt vom MINI
Nacht im Dachzelt vom MINI

My roof tent test night brought me fresh 6 °C outside and a beautiful clear starry sky. Equipped with the above mentioned gadgets, I had it cuddly warm in my roof tent. In a fairy lights atmosphere I could crawl into my personal cave and enjoy a relaxed night.

My personal feedback
FreewayCamper MINI Dachzelt
FreewayCamper MINI Dachzelt

In general, I had a relaxing and cuddly night in the MINI roof tent, but one shouldn't forget that sub-zero temperatures are a completely different story and that humidity also plays an important role here. Basically, I'm up for any adventure, but I recommend everyone to be realistic with such plans and to assess the conditions reasonably.

So, that was my experience with our MINI from FreewayCamper and now it's your turn: grab a camper from FreewayCamper and enjoy the ultimate freedom even in the colder months of the year!