Katarzyna Raczkowska
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Become a FreewayCamper Rental Partner now! FreewayCamper is a successful camper rental company with more than 65 stations in Germany and Italy. Take advantage of the opportunity to successfully rent campers and motorhomes yourself and generate up to 20,000 EUR net sales per vehicle per year. Getting started is particularly easy with our partner model.


Why become a FreewayCamper Partner?

Our partnership model combines the strengths of local partner stations with the central approach to customers via the FreewayCamper platform. Compared to renting on your own, as an FWC partner you save considerable personnel costs for inquiry management, costs for marketing, software, pricing, platforms and payment processing. This allows our partners to focus completely on their vehicle fleet and customer service on site.

FreewayCamper partners benefit from the following services, among others:

  • Framework contracts and supplier cooperation: Take advantage of our good purchasing conditions for vehicles, car insurance, camping accessories

  • Multi-channel sales and marketing: Strong online presence to efficiently convert demand into bookings
  • Central customer service: Best customer accessibility and time saving for our partners
  • Dynamic price and revenue management: More rental days, higher utilization and revenue-optimized prices
  • Unified software: Smooth processes, less manual work and therefore also fewer errors
  • Focused product and brand development: High-quality product experience that is constantly optimized with additional sales through extras

Tasks of the FreewayCamper partners

As a FreewayCamper partner, you are responsible for the following tasks in particular:

  • Procurement and handling of vehicles including maintenance, care and insurance
  • Handover and return of vehicles to customers with appropriate instruction as well as operation of your own station

Requirements to become a FreewayCamper rental partner

The following requirements must be met:

  • Purchase or financing option for at least 5 vehicles: At least 5 vehicles must be provided for the start of the partnership. To finance these, either a sufficient credit line of approx. 300,000 EUR or financing from 50,000 EUR equity and 250,000 EUR external capital is required.
  • Possibility to park vehicles and hand them over to customers: In order to professionally hand over the vehicles for rentals to our customers, a parking space with at least 3 parking spaces and an office is required.

Would you like to learn more about our concept, the business process, your advantages and the conditions?

Then get in touch at partner.en@freeway-camper.com with your contact details and two time suggestions for an online meeting. Our Business Development Team is looking forward to getting to know you!