6 famous travel routes in Germany

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Your dream is to drive through Germany in a camper and explore your home country, to be independent and discover the most beautiful places? Then we will show you great places that you should definitely have seen.

Whether it's a longer trip through Germany or a short trip over the long weekend from one of our locations in Germany - our home country is much too beautiful not to travel it.

These six travel routes are some of our absolute favorites and are perfect to explore in a camper!

Travel routes in Germany

More and more people are learning to appreciate their own country and are traveling by camper. In Germany there are some vacation roads and themed routes that are worth a trip. Especially with the camper you are flexible and can start your vacation without much effort.

We show you the most beautiful routes for you and your camper, which are easy to master even for camping beginners.

1. The romantic road

One of the most famous routes in Germany is the Romantic Road. It leads from Würzburg to Füssen and is a real classic. Besides great nature and vineyards you can visit special places of art and culture on your trip. You can start with a visit to the Würzburg Residence via Rothenburg ob der Tauber to the destination Neuschwanstein Castle. Characterized by culinary delights and hospitality, you can enjoy the view of the German Alps in your camper. The Romantic Road is one of the most popular and oldest vacation routes in Germany and is especially worth a trip with a camper. If you want to learn more, read our interview with Eduardo!!

Romantische Straße
2. Sisi Street

If you don't want to travel only in Germany after all, the Sisi Road is perfect for you. It follows the most important stations in the life of the former Austrian Empress Sisi and stretches from Germany to Austria, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland. With your camper on the road, the road will take you to the most important places in the life of the Empress. However, because she traveled to so many different countries, the route is not always continuous. Nevertheless, it offers great sights. It's best to choose one direction: either towards Geneva in Switzerland, Trieste in Italy or Veszprém in Hungary. Along the route are many great castles, memorials and of course great sites for your overnight stay in the camper! You can start your trip in Augsburg and easily book a camper at one of our locations in Munich!

3. Baden Wine Route

From Hemsbach, via Heidelberg, Eppingen, Baden-Baden and Freiburg to Lörrach leads the Baden wine region. In total, the route is a good 500 kilometers long and impresses with impressive vineyards, castles and palaces that you can visit during the trip. Picturesque villages and towns invite you to stay overnight and sightsee. Of course, you can stop at numerous wineries along the way to sample a glass of wine and stock up for home. Since you are traveling with your camper, you can also buy a bottle of wine and enjoy the evening in front of the camper or in the pop-up roof with a view of the beautiful nature!

Weinsraße mit dem Camper
4. Route of delights

Since 2015, there is the Route of Pleasures, which connects pleasure travel destinations in the border triangle of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse. It runs parallel to the A3 highway from Aschaffenburg along the Main River via Wertheim to Würzburg and further up the Tauber River to the medieval gates of Rothenburg ob der Tauber and is thus very easy to reach from our location in Frankfurt. There is something for everyone along the route: from Germany's best vintners, to producers of fine fruit brandies and rum products, to oils, spices and baked goods. If you don't feel like cooking in your camper, there are great restaurants, some of them star-rated, that are worth a visit. Art lovers and shopping fans will also get their money's worth on this route!

5. German fairy tale route

For the German Fairytale Route, you can rent a camper directly from our Frankfurt location. It is perfect for families and offers several attractions. For a total of 600 kilometers, you follow in the footsteps of the historic Grimm brothers and the legends and sagas they first collected and wrote down. The road runs from Hanau, through Hamelin, the town of the Pied Piper, to Bremen, home of the world-famous Town Musicians. If you don't necessarily want to drive 600 kilometers, you can also divide the route into small sections. For example, the Little Red Riding Hood, the Frau Holle route or the Sleeping Beauty route. There is something here for young and old. From museums to eight different nature parks - this is how to enjoy the camping adventure!

6. Beer and castle route

For the adventurers among you, the Beer and Castle Road is the perfect destination. Over 500 kilometers, the route takes you past numerous castles and several beer breweries and museums. From Bad Frankenhausen in Thuringia via Blankenhain, Saalfeld, Probstzella, Ludwigsstadt and Amberg to Passau. It is also worth taking a detour to the Ratsbrauerei in Weißensee, Thuringia, where the first German purity law for beer was laid down back in 1434. The tour also takes you via Blankenhain, with a detour to Greifenstein Castle in Bad Blankenburg, via the fairy grotto town of Saalfeld to Probstzella in Thuringia. Your van will also take you past Lauenstein Castle, Rosenberg Fortress, the beer village of Weißenbrunn and the Bavarian Brewery and Bakery Museum in Kulmbach. Definitely worth a trip.

Camping in Deutschland

Discover many great places and routes through Germany with your camper! If you have any further tips, feel free to write us at marketing@freeway-camper.com.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your FreewayCamper Team

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