Our destinations in October - France

Our destinations in October - France
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Rent a camper and start your road trip. Whether it's late summer or early fall, our campers have everything you need for your adventure in any season!

Fall in love with your freedom while camping, be flexible and spend the cold German autumn in a warm country in Europe. We show you our absolute favorite destinations in October.

Greece with FreewayCamper
Griechenland mit dem camper
Griechenland mit dem camper

If you're looking for a warm country in October, Greece is the place for you! In Athens you can even hope for up to 30 °C and also many islands await you with warm and summery temperatures.

Whether you take the ferry to one of the islands or prefer the mainland, one of our campervans will take you everywhere. Explore the Greek province of Macedonia, let yourself be spoiled by the Greek cuisine and impressed by the art scene.

A campervan is more than just a motorhome. It lets you travel freely and be spontaneous. Park it on any normal parking lot, visit a city together with it and get to know Greece from a whole new side.

Bulgaria by camper
Bulgarien mit dem Camper
Bulgarien mit dem Camper

Bulgaria is a nice destination for families with small children who are not yet bound to school vacations. Mostly you know Bulgaria by the many party possibilities at the beaches and for an extended beach vacation, but Bulgaria is so much more. In October it is already a bit quieter and you can lie on the beach at a comfortable 22 °C and soak up the sun.

On Sunny Beach the water is even a bit warmer than the outside temperature. Plan your trip to Bulgaria for the beginning of the month, because at the end of the month autumn arrives in Bulgaria.

Romania by campervan
Rumänien mit dem Campervan
Rumänien mit dem Campervan

Camping in Romania is diverse. With water sports by the sea, hiking in the mountains and sightseeing in the beautiful small towns, Romania offers great attractions for everyone. Stay on natural campsites and discover a very special country.

In early October, you can even expect temperatures up to 25 ° C. Together with your camper you can explore Romania in a relaxed way. From medieval cities like Sighişoara and numerous fortified churches and castles, such as Bran Castle, which is located on a cliff and has long been linked with the Dracula legend, to the capital of the country, Bucharest, with the gigantic Parliament Palace from the communist era, which is worth a visit.

It's easy tobook your campsites in Romaniadirectly on our site.

Road trip through Albania
Roadtrip durch Albanien
Roadtrip durch Albanien

Along the Adriatic coast to Albania is one of the most beautiful road trips in October. Thanks to a pleasant 22 °C, it's easy to stay cool and did you know that the Adriatic coast is also called the Albanian Riviera? Moreover, the country runs along the Ionian Sea and the interior is crossed by the Alps. Perfectly suited for a hiking vacation followed by relaxation by the sea. But not only the nature, but also the cities are worth a visit. The country can boast of numerous castles and archaeological sites.

In October it is especially quiet here and you can look forward to relaxation and an extended recreational vacation!

Viva la France
Frankreich mit dem camper
Frankreich mit dem camper

France convinces by its diversity. The beauty of Brittany, steep coasts in Normandy or the south of the country with the lavender fields and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea at the Côte d'Azur. The country is perfect for campers and has many different campsites with great infrastructure and leisure facilities.

But not only the rural regions invite you to camp in France, also the cities offer many possibilities. From Bordeaux, to Nantes, to Paris - all this you can also travel with your camper. It is recommended to park a little outside and visit the cities by public transport, but in the evening you can relax back in your camper and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you.

Discover the breathtaking culture and landscape of France and travel this country with your camper from FreewayCamper!

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