Summer camping must-haves

Summer camping must-haves
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Summer, the best time to be with the whole family in the camper. What could be better than waking up right by the sea, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the fresh breeze? However, to make your summer vacation perfect, you should take some must-haves with you on your adventure. That's why we've listed 10 must-haves for your summer camping vacation.


Nobody wants to get a painful sunburn during their summer vacation. That's why a sunscreen with a sufficiently high sun protection factor should not be missing from your packing list. You should choose the appropriate sun protection factor depending on your skin type - the lighter your skin is, the higher it should be.

Parasol or awning

A parasol or awning protects you from the sun both on the beach and at the campsite. The most important thing is a good stability. The assembly and disassembly should also be easy. Different shapes and materials offer different advantages and disadvantages. You should pay attention to the appropriate quality when choosing a sunshade or sun sail.

Vacuum insulated drinking bottle

Since you not only spend time at the camper, but also like to go on a trip, a vacuum insulated drinking bottle is very useful. Drinks stay nice and cool in the stainless-steel water bottle, which is why this camping gadget should always be with you on your summer vacation. Our campers offer integrated coolers in which you can cool your drink and then fill it into the vacuum-insulated drinking bottle. Thus, refreshment is provided on every trip.

Air mattress, diving goggles and snorkel

For a trip to the sea, the air mattress, diving goggles and snorkel are an absolute must-have. With these gadgets, swimming fun is guaranteed. On the air mattress you can relax and enjoy the waves, with diving goggles and snorkel you can explore the underwater world. In our campers you have enough storage space for these summer gadgets.

Tension Rope

Due to the many different functions of the tension rope you will love it on your trip. It is simply an all-rounder and facilitates your everyday camping life. You can secure your luggage during the trip, use it as a clothesline for the bathing suits, but also as a fixation of various things inside your camper.

Retractable Clothesline

A particularly handy camping gadget is the retractable clothesline. Whether for your swimwear or freshly washed clothes. This clothesline is super practical. You can attach it to a tree, vehicle or similar and through the retractable function there is no annoying linen tangle.

Ausziehbare Wäscheleine
Ausziehbare Wäscheleine

LED Camping Lamp

A super important camping gadget is a camping lamp. Many campsites are poorly lit in the evening, so a camping lamp should not be missing from your packing list. Camping lights that can be charged via sunlight are best. Many camping lights can also be used as a USB power bank. This makes them a perfect 2 in 1 camping gadget.


Next to the camping light, the headlamp is a must-have in your camping vacation. Walking around the campsite at night to brush your teeth or go to the toilet becomes much more pleasant with this camping gadget. Thanks to the headlamp you can always see where you are walking and you have your hands free for a towel and toilet bag.

Insect screen

Insects can be a real nuisance in summer. To keep them away from your camper, you should also take an insect screen with you on your trip. This way you can protect yourself from bites and constant buzzing in your camper. We at FreewayCamper are animal lovers, but we can do without mosquitoes and flies in the camper.


Unwinding and completely relaxing is probably best done in a hammock. In it you can read a book, enjoy the view of the water or recharge your batteries with a power nap. A hammock provides the quiet moments to then start again full of energy into the next adventure.

FreewayCamper Hängematte
FreewayCamper Hängematte
To guarantee you a perfect camping summer vacation we not only want to give you tips on the must-haves for your trip, but also offer you additional services.

FreewayCamper Outdoor Package

You want to spend cozy evenings in front of the camper and enjoy the sunset? With our outdoor packages this is possible! All our campers are equipped with a basic equipment. This includes a basic outdoor package, which consists of an aluminum table and camping stools for all passengers. With the MINI Countryman, this package can easily be added for relaxing evenings outdoors. Want maximum comfort on your vacation? Then we recommend our Premium Outdoor Package for an extra 29€. It includes more comfortable chairs with backrests and a high-quality bamboo camping table. If you wish, you can also get additional chairs for free. Ideal for a relaxing time outside!


FreewayCamper Extras for Sports and Adventure

Doing sports in the summer, being out for a bike ride, or just exploring the surroundings can be so much fun. At FreewayCamper we have several extras for sports and adventure: trailer hitch for 3€ per day; bike rack for 3 bikes including trailer hitch for 5€ per day; bike rack for 4 bikes including trailer hitch for 7€ per day. If you don't want to just lie on the beach during your summer vacation, we also have a back carrier for children on offer (Munich). For 29€ you can add it to your camper and go on a hike with the whole family. We also have other extras available for families. You can find more information about all our extras in the article Equipment and Services.

With these summer must-haves and additional offers, you should be perfectly prepared for your next summer vacation. So nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable trip to a place of your choice. To be prepared for any trip, no matter the season, check out our FreewayCamper packing list.

We hope you have fun on your next camping trip!

Your FreewayCamper Team