That’s how football fans find cheap accommodations in Germany 2024!

That’s how football fans find cheap accommodations in Germany 2024!
Sebastian Grimschitz
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Football fever is on the rise in summer - and unfortunately so are the prices for accommodations throughout Germany. You sometimes have to dig deep into your pockets if you want to support your football team, with some hotels charging hundreds or even thousands of euros during the major football event. But don't worry, there is also a cheaper alternative that allows you to always be close to your team!

German fans with campers
German fans with campers

What are we talking about? Camping, of course! This way of travelling is not only very trendy, but also a cheap alternative during the football festivities in Germany. But we also show you other advantages of a campervan over a hotel and recommend cheap campsites near the match venues.

Benefits of a camper compared to a hotel

Lower costs: While a hotel stay in Germany in June can be very expensive, you can get the campervan of your choice for a small price. You can rent various campers from €79/night all summer long. Take a look at our deals and offers and see for yourself!

Be mobile and flexible: A camper is a apartment on four wheels - you get the same comfort as in a hotel, but are mobile and flexible at all times. So, you can accompany your team all over Germany and travel from one game to the next, whether it's in Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg or another city.

Meet other football and camping fans: get to know people with the same interests from different countries. Unlike hotels, where guests often stay isolated in their rooms, campsites offer an open and friendly atmosphere where you can easily socialise with other travellers - especially during a football tournament.

...but that's not all, numerous other benefits await you when you travel with FreewayCamper

Pick up campers near your team: 75 stations throughout Germany

No matter where your team plays, we guarantee that you can pick up one of our campers in the immediate area, because with 75 stations throughout Germany, we have the largest station network in the country. Simply rent your camper online and pick it up at one of the numerous locations.

Simply pick up your campervan near the tournament venues


Camper rental in Berlin

Here you can stay overnight in Berlin at a low price:

📍Hotel & City Camping Berlin

📍Campingplatz Krosinsee

📍Wohnmobil-Oase Berlin


Camper rental in Dortmund

Here you can stay overnight in Dortmund at a low price:

📍 Camping Hohensyburg

📍 Camping im Seepark Ternsche

📍 Campingplatz Zum Abdinghoff


Camper rental in Düsseldorf

Here you can stay overnight in Düsseldorf at a low price:

📍Campingplatz Lörick

📍Campingplatz Rheincamping Meerbusch

📍Campingplatz Strand-Terrasse


Camper rental in Frankfurt

Here you can stay overnight in Frankfurt at a low price:

📍Waldcamping Frankfurt

📍Campingplatz Dreieich-Offenthal

📍Campingplatz Kahl


Camper rental in Gelsenkirchen

Here you can stay overnight in Gelsenkirchen at a low price:

📍Camping Freizeitpark Tillensee

📍Camping Wehlingsheide

📍Camping Ludbrock


Camper rental in Hamburg

Here you can stay overnight in Hamburg at a low price:

📍Stover Strand Camping


📍Knaus Campingpark Hamburg


Camper rental in Leipzig

Here you can stay overnight in Leipzig at a low price:

📍Campingplatz Blütengrund

📍Campingplatz am Auensee

📍Campingplatz Markkleeberger See


Camper rental in Munich

Here you can stay overnight in Munich at a low price:

📍Campingplatz München-Obermenzing

📍Campingplatz München Thalkirchen

📍Campingplatz Ampersee


Camper rental in Stuttgart

Here you can stay overnight in Stuttgart at a low price:

📍Campingplatz Stuttgart am Wasen

📍Camping Aichelberg

📍Campingplatz Leineck

Grab a camper and join your team

So let's go - grab a camper and support your national team! Whether van, campervan or RV, with our mobile appartments you can travel from location to location and game to game. Take advantage of our last-minute offers and save money at the same time. For more information, exciting news and competitions, we recommend you follow our Instagram channel and subscribe to our newsletter.

Have fun camping!

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