Largest station network in Germany and Italy

Largest station network in Germany and Italy
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Maybe we are biased, but campervanning is the best way to experience Europe or even any other place on earth. Travelling with a campervan offers you flexibility and freedom like no other type of travelling can do.

85 rental stations in Germany and Italy are waiting for you

FreewayCamper is an european camper rental company with 73 stations all over Germany and 12 in Italy. We offer a big selection of new camping vehicles, from compact vans like VW Bulli to medium-sized comfortable campervans and lastly to super-sized RVs/motorhomes for the entire family of 4.

Our stations in Germany

FreewayCamper station network in Germany
FreewayCamper station network in Germany


Constance: Max-Stromeyer-Straße 122, 78467 Konstanz (Open from Monday to Friday)

Freiburg: Günterstalstraße 25, 79102 Freiburg (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Karlsruhe: Rheinstraße 108, 76185 Karlsruhe (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Lahr: Lotzbeckstraße 33, 77933 Lahr (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Mannheim: Morchfeldstraße 41, 68199 Mannheim (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Mosbach: Mosbacher Straße 67, 74821 Mosbach (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Pforzheim-Calw: Ferdinand-von-Steinbeis-Straße 2, 75365 Calw (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Pforzheim-Nordstadt: Bauschlotter Straße 2, 75177 Pforzheim Nordstadt (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Ravensburg: Schützenstraße 56, 88212 Ravensburg (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Singen-Aach: Singener Straße 17, 78267 Aach (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Singen-Tengen: Im Breitenplatz 1, 78250 Tengen- Watterdingen (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Stuttgart: Am Wammesknopf 6, 70439 Stuttgart (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Berlin, Brandenburg

Berlin: Erna-Samuel-Straße 18, 10551 Berlin (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Senftenberg: Laugkfeld 30, 01968 Senftenberg (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt

Chemnitz: Müllerstraße 31-33, 09113 Chemnitz (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Chemnitz-Oelsnitz: Turleyring 6, 09376 Chemnitz-Oelsnitz (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Dresden-Laubegast: Österreicher Straße 93, 01279 Dresden (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Dresden-Löbtau: Löbtauer Str. 55, 01159 Dresden (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Dresden-Riesa: Lommatzscher Straße 27, 01587 Riesa (Open from Monday to Friday)

Hettstedt: Mittelstraße 1, 06333 Hettstedt (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Leipzig: Plautstraße 50, 04179 Leipzig (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Wernigerode: Theodor-Fontane-Straße 13, 38855 Wernigerrode (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Lower Saxony

Brunswick: Sudetenstraße 6, 38114 Braunschweig (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Celle: Baumschulenweg 2, 29227 Celle (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Emden-Leer: Konrad-Zuse-Straße 16, 26789 Leer (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Hanover-Alfeld: Limmerburg 3, 31061 Alfeld (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Hanover-Wuelfel: Behnstraße 4, 30519 Hannover (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Lingen-Lengerich: Handruper Straße 12, 49838 Lengerich/Emsland (Open from Monday to Friday)

Nordhorn: Coesfelder Hof 5, 48527 Nordhorn (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Oldenburg-Cloppenburg: Daimlerstraße 11, 49661 Cloppenburg (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Bavaria, Thuringia

Aschaffenburg-Laudenbach: Aufseßring 26, 63925 Laudenbach (Open from Monday to Friday)

Coburg-Sonneberg: Schreberstraße 43, 96515 Sonneberg (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Erfurt: Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 2, 99086 Erfurt (Open from Monday to Saturday - after agreement)

Günzburg-Dürrlauingen: Ortsstraße 1, 89350 Dürrlauingen (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Jena-Burgau: Damaschkeweg 65, 07745 Jena (Open from Monday to Friday)

Jena-Gera: Eichenweg 1, 07616 Petersberg (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Landshut-Vilsbiburg: Landshuter Straße 9, 84137 Vilsbiburg (Open from Monday to Friday)

Marktoberdorf: Siemensring 17, 87616 Marktoberdorf (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Munich-Trudering: Wasserburger Landstraße 39, 81825 München (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Munich-Oberpframmern: Aich 17, 85667 Oberpframmern (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Mühldorf-Altötting: Trostbergerstraße 65, 84503 Altötting (Open from Monday to Friday)

Nördlingen-Wechingen: Am Keller 5, 86759 Wechingen (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Nuremberg-Furth: Toni-Wolfstraße 5A, 90763 Fürth (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Nuremberg-Happurg: Hersbrucker Str. 28, 91230 Nürnberg (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Passau-Neukirchen: Dreiburgenstraße 4, 94154 Neukirchen vorm Wald (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Passau-Otterskirchen: Vorwaldstraße 1a, 94575 Windorf (Open from Monday to Friday)

Regensburg: Prüller Weg 3, 93055 Regensburg (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Hamburg, Bremen

Bremen: Georg-Bitter-Straße 21-23, 28205 Bremen (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Hamburg-Börnsen: Zwischen den Kreiseln 4a, 21039 Börnsen (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Hamburg-Mitte: Reginenstraße 8, 20539 Hamburg (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Hamburg-Wandsbek: Am Neumarkt 38c, 22041 Hamburg (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Hamburg-Wedel: Tinsdaler Weg 142b, 22880 Wedel (Open from Monday to Friday)


Frankfurt-Babenhausen: Hinter d. Altdörfer Kirche 7, 64832 Babenhausen (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Frankfurt-Bad Vilbel: Im Rosengarten 25 b, 61118 Bad Vilbel (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Frankfurt-Ostend: Hanauer Landstraße 421, 60314 Frankfurt am Main (Open from Monday to Sunday)

NRW, Rhineland-Palatinate

Bergisch Gladbach-Gronauer Mühlenweg: Gronauer Mühlenweg 34, 51465 Bergisch-Gladbach (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Bielefeld-Lage: Gasstraße 1-5, 32791 Lage (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Bonn-Vettelschoß: Willscheider Weg 14-24, 53560 Vettelschoß (Open from Monday to Friday)

Cologne: Bergisch Gladbacher Str. 662, 51067 Bergisch Gladbach (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Cologne-Porz: Aloys-Boecker-Straße 3, 51147 Köln (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Düren: Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 2, 52351 Düren (Open from Monday to Friday)

Düsseldorf-Mönchengladbach: Fuggerstraße 10A, 41352 Korschenbroich (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Essen: Wickingstraße 37, 45326 Essen (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Gummersbach-Waldbröl: Friedrich-Engels-Straße 4, 51545 Waldbröl (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Koblenz-Oberlahr: Bahnhofstraße 25-27, 57641 Oberlahr (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Münster: Rösnerstraße 1, 48155 Münster (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Osnabrück-Lotte: Atterstraße 245, 49504 Lotte (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Paderborn-Lichtenau: Lange Str. 72, 33165 Lichtenau (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Paderborn-Salzkotten: Kamp 15, 33154 Salzkotten (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Rheda-Wiedenbrück: Karl-Thiel-Straße 1, 33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Schmallenberg: Auf d. Lake 5, 57392 Schmallenberg (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Worms: Alzeyer Straße 230, 67549 Worms (Open from Monday to Friday)


Flensburg: Zur Bleiche 49, 24941 Flensburg (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Our stations in Italy

FreewayCamper station network in Italy
FreewayCamper station network in Italy

Bassano Del Grappa: Via Ca’ Baroncello, 32/B 36061 Bassano Del Grappa (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Bergamo: Via Passerera 2D, 24060 Chiuduno BG (Open from Monday to Friday)

Cagliari: Via Togliatti SN-Selargius Angolo SS.554, 9047 Selarius Cagliari (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Feltre-Dolomites: Via Monte Grappa 7, 32032 Feltre (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Matera-Bari:  Contrada Ciccolocane 99, 75100 Matera MT (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Milan-Cologno Monzese: Via per Imbersago 19 20093 Cologno Monzese Milano (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Milan-San Giuliano: Via Sondrio, 14, 20098 San Giuliano Milanese MI (Open from Monday to Sunday)

Modena: Via Canaletto Nord 1042, S.da Statale 12 (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Ravenna: Via Faentina 181, 48124 Ravenna (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Rome: Via Pontina, 425, 00128 Roma (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Sassari: S.S, 131, Ottava n°180, 07100 Sassari (SS) (Open from Monday to Saturday)

Turin: Via Erminio Macario 7, 10095 Grugliasco TO (Open from Monday to Saturday)

A selection of Vans, Campervans and RVs/motorhomes for a camping trip in nature
A selection of Vans, Campervans and RVs/motorhomes for a camping trip in nature

Why should you book a camper from FreewayCamper:

Yes, we are relative new on the market, but we strive to give you the best and smoothest experience of renting a camper van for your travel.

  • Big selections of camping vehicles: We have our own fleet, and that allows us to properly maintain them and make sure they are in perfect conditions when you rent them.
  • Straightforward renting process:, just what would expect when renting a hotel room but better: all km included, flexible rebooking, basic equipments included, dog-friendly
  • Competitive and attractive prices: check out our last minute offers or long-term rental for more information.
  • Our station managers and customer service are great! Contact them when you have uncertainty and requires support, or simply if you want to share how happy you are with your travel experience.
  • There are other benefits too, check them out here for the full list!

We update this page regularly to inform you of new locations. So you can follow us on our Instagram and/or our Newsletter, and we promise to keep you up-to-date with the latest news on campers, locations plus plenty of travel inspirations, camping tips, giveaways and special promotions!

We hope to see you in person soon!

Your FreewayCamper Team