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The Wiesn is not taking place as usual this year, but Munich has come up with a few ideas to still have a bit of Oktoberfest flair. And also we from FreewayCamper would like to bring a piece of Oktoberfest 2020 into your camper.

Our founder Julia practically "grew up" with the Oktoberfest. With the family's own pretzel business and her many years of experience as a pretzel supplier at the Wiesn, it is her special concern to bring a piece of Wiesn into our campers 😊. With fresh Wiesn-Brezn, original Wiesn-Bier for a cosy camping evening and their own FreewayCamper Wiesn-Herzen our camping adventurers are well equipped during the original Wiesn time. Check out our social media channels Facebook and Instagram and discover more about the Oktoberfest 2020 and camping with FreewayCamper.

FreewayCamper Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest 2020 and camping

Wiesn 2020 - something completely different! Unfortunately, the Munich Oktoberfest 2020 cannot take place due to the current situation. Nevertheless, the city of Munich offers some alternatives to bring at least a bit of Wiesn atmosphere to Munich. In addition to the Wirtshauswiesn, there is the Sommer in der Stadt, which includes the Trachtival in the Werksviertel. Here is some general information about the traditional Wiesn and the alternatives that Munich has thought up for 2020.

The Oktoberfest - the largest folk festival in the world

In 1810, the Oktoberfest took its beginning in history when the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig married his Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Today, this special celebration is seen as the foundation stone for one of the most successful events in German history. The modern Oktoberfest now lasts two weeks and every year more than six million visitors come to the Bavarian capital to attend at least once.

Wiesn 2020
Sommer in der Stadt and Trachtival in the Werksviertel

Instead of one central location where the Wiesn 2020 takes place, there are now distributed throughout Munich, many great places with rides, stalls and culture. Chocolate fears in the Olympic Park, riding the Ferris wheel on Königsplatz or the Wild Mouse at the Trachtival in the Werksviertel? Most of the offers for summer in the city are available until 04.10.2020, the Trachtival in the Werksviertel even lasts until 25.10.2020.

Why don't you drop by, discover all the beautiful places in Munich and experience folk festival flair together with your FreewayCamper camper. We offer you the opportunity to experience a little bit of Oktoberfest while staying in one of our campers and enjoy the Sommer in der Stadt to the fullest.

Sommer in der Stadt
Camping during the Oktoberfest

To the original Wiesn, there is a pop-up campground every year, which offers more than 1,500 campers a pitch. All information about booking for 2021 can be found here. Unfortunately, the campground will not open this year, but there are other campsites in the area that will welcome you and your camper this year as well. Have a look here and discover the campsites in Munich.

FreewayCamper Wiesn VW T6 California Ocean

And what could be more comfortable than relaxing in your camper after enjoying a delicious Wiesn-Brezn, a fresh chicken and a Wiesn-Beer?

Rent your camper from FreewayCamper and we'll give you some Wiesn for your camping adventure 😊.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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