Octoberfest 2024 Munich: Everything you need to know

Octoberfest 2024 Munich: Everything you need to know
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Hooray! It is time for the celebration of Octoberfest in Munich for the 188th time.

To get you in the mood for the festivities, we answer all the important questions about the Wies'n 2024.

Kettenkarussel mit Menschen in bayrischer Tracht
Kettenkarussel mit Menschen in bayrischer Tracht

When will the Octoberfest take place in 2024?

The Munich Oktoberfest begins this year on Saturday the 21.09.24 and ends after two weeks on the 06.10.2024. During this period, the festival grounds are open from 10:00am to 11:30 pm. Some tents are also open until 01:00am.

TIP: On weekends, the tents are already closed from midday due to overcrowding. On these days, it's best to secure a place at a table in the morning.

Where is the Oktoberfest and how do I get to it?

Once again this year, the traditional Oktoberfest will be held in the centre of Munich on the Theresienwiese.

You can get to the Wies’n by:

  • the underground trains U4/U5, stop "Theresienwiese" or "Schwanthalerhöhe".
  • the suburban trains S1-S8, stop "Hackerbrücke"
  • Or by foot from the main railway station in approx. 15 minutes

What parking facilities are available in Munich?

Finding a parking space in Munich is a well-known problem. We recommend taking public transport, as this saves you the hassle of looking for a parking space, and you can also get home safely after a couple of beers.

If you still come with a car, we recommend using park-and-ride car parks to avoid high parking costs.

Geparkte Autos auf einem Parkplatz von oben
Geparkte Autos auf einem Parkplatz von oben

Is Oktoberfest camping an alternative to staying in a hotel?

How about combining your Oktoberfest holiday with a camping experience? During the Oktoberfest, you can camp on one of the pop-up campsites such as the luxurious "Oktoberfest Camping München" or the inexpensive tent and camping area of the "Wies'n Camp".

At the pop-up campsite "Oktoberfest Camping München", you will find place for 500 motorhomes on an area of 50,000 m². You'll also find sanitary facilities, a small supermarket and souvenir shop, as well as a restaurant and bistro.

If you prefer camping in a tent, the "Wies'n Camp" is the place for you. But don't worry, you can also stay at this campsite with your own camper van or rent your own container. Clean toilets and showers, a souvenir and traditional costume shop, a cash machine, lockers and Wi-Fi await you here. A real highlight for Wiesn campers is the after-Wiesn party offered at the campsite.

>> For more information about Camping in Munich

Roter Freeway Camper-Van auf einem Campingplatz in Deutschland
Roter Freeway Camper-Van auf einem Campingplatz in Deutschland

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How can I pay at the Octoberfest?

At the Octoberfest the main way of payment is still cash. To make sure you don't run out of cash at the festival, you can now find ATMs in most of the big festival tents that take EC, MasterCard and VisaCard.

TIP: You can quickly find out where the nearest ATM is in your area via the Oktoberfest App under "Service".

Do I need tickets and are there entrance fees to get into the tents and the festival grounds?

If you're visiting Oktoberfest for the first time, you're probably wondering if there are entrance fees for the world-famous event. Don't worry, there is no entrance fee to enter the festival grounds and tents. Unless you want to visit the “Oide Wies’n” (Old Wies'n). Here you have to expect a small entrance fee of €4 (2024).

Is a table reservation required for tables at the tents?

If you are visiting the Octoberfest in large groups and need a seat together in the main tents, you should try your luck in the mornings during the week or find out about the reservation options for the festival tents well in advance.

TIP: Seats in the tents will be very rare, so it is advisable to visit in small groups. You can easily fit more people on beer benches than you might expect. So try your luck by asking already occupied tables.

What is the maximum size of my bag that I can bring to the Octoberfest?

For safety reasons, backpacks and larger bags are prohibited on the festival grounds and can be locked away at the entrance. The maximum size of bags carried on the festival grounds must not exceed 10cmx20cmx15cm (!) which also applies to diaper bags.

What are the drink and beer prices at the Wies’n 2024?

The beer prices at the Wiesn 2024 in Munich are between €12.60 and €14.90 this year. A detailed list of the beer prices in the different tents can be found here. Non-alcoholic drinks at the Octoberfest cost between €10.04 and €11.17.

Maßkrug mit Bier hinter Lebkuchenherz vor bayrischer Flagge auf Holzboden
Maßkrug mit Bier hinter Lebkuchenherz vor bayrischer Flagge auf Holzboden

Is the Octoberfest Munich family-friendly?

Good news, the Oktoberfest is a real highlight for all ages. There are plenty of activites and rides offered for children.

Prams and buggies are allowed on the festive grounds as long as it doesn't get too crowded. That's why they can only be taken to the Oktoberfest until 6pm during the week. Except on Saturdays and public holidays (like the 06.10.24), where prams must stay at home or be parked at the entrances in the pram parking area.

TIP: Every Tuesday is family day, when rides and food are cheaper.

Fröhliche Kinder mit Brezen in Dirndl und Lederhosen Tracht auf Feld
Fröhliche Kinder mit Brezen in Dirndl und Lederhosen Tracht auf Feld

Are animals allowed on the fairground?

Unfortunately, our hairy friends are not allowed on the entire Festwiese at the Octoberfest in Munich. But your pets will thank you for letting them spend the day at home in peace instead of in the hustle and bustle of thousands of people.

O'zapft is (soon)!

We wish you a great Octoberfest 2024 in Munich! After your visit, you will surely dream of the breathtaking Wiesn spectacle for a long time to come. It's not without reasons that the Wies’n is a traditional, world-famous event that is popular throughout Germany.

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