11 things you should experience during the Wiesn time!

11 things you should experience during the Wiesn time!
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Oktoberfest - the highlight of the Bavarians and an event that no one wants to miss. We know that it currently can not take place, but it will always be present in the Bavarian hearts. With these 10 tips, you can feel like a Bavarian in the next two weeks and enjoy the Wiesn feeling.

Oktoberfest 2021
Oktoberfest 2021
1. Wear the traditional costume at least once a week

How about wearing the Wiesn outfit Dirndl and Lederhosen just once at work and bringing the Wiesn to your office together with your colleagues? The traditional costume has become an indispensable part of the Oktoberfest and shows the connection to the homeland. So go ahead, put on the traditional costume and enjoy the Wiesn feeling.

Did you know that the Dirndl has a special way of tying the bow of the apron?

  • Bow on the right: the wearer is taken
  • Bow on the left: The wearer is single
  • Bow in the middle: Relationship status is none of your business
  • Ribbon back: Widow, waitress or child.
2. Meet with family and friends even during the week

Wiesn time is the most beautiful time and it's best to spend it with your loved ones. So take advantage of the two weeks and meet your loved ones for a nice Wiesn snack after work. Not only on Wocheneden the Oktoberfest is celebrated ­čśë

Oktoberfest 2021
Oktoberfest 2021
3. Drink Oktoberfest beer whenever you can

There are six Oktoberfest breweries: Augustiner, Hacker Pschorr, Hofbr├Ąu, L├Âwenbr├Ąu, Paulaner and Spaten. Taste your way through and enjoy the great selection!

Grab a cold Oktoberfest beer and drink it together with friends. Whether it's after work at a lake, traditionally at the Theresienwiese or in the garden - it's the time of year when it doesn't matter where you drink the Wiesn beer, the main thing is to do it together.

4. Set your own Ma├čkr├╝ge world record

A Ma├čkrug with Wiesn beer weighs about 2.3 kg. The world record is currently 26 Ma├čkrugs. Do a challenge together with your friends and find out which of you can hold a Ma├čkrug in your hand the longest.

5. Eat the original Wiesn-Brezn

The Wiesn-Brezn belongs to the Oktoberfest like the Ferris wheel and without it the beer would only taste half as good. Piller, M├╝ller & H├Âflinger and Ratschiller are the three biggest suppliers of the original Wiesn-Brezn. Stop by and buy your pretzel to go with your beer.

Wiesn 2021
Wiesn 2021
6. Go to the WirtshausWiesn in Munich

Let's go to the second WirtshausWiesn in Munich, which takes place in the same period when the Oktoberfest would have been. From September 18 to October 3, you can experience good food, delicious beer and traditional Wiesn atmosphere in 51 restaurants in Munich!

Here you will find all the restaurants that are participating in 2021. Stop by and enjoy the WirtshausWiesn!

7. Get a FreewayCamper Wiesn Heart

For all our customers who pick up their camper during the two Wiesn weeks, we have thought of something special. When you pick up your camper, you will receive an original FreewayCamper Wiesn heart. You can find out more on our Instagram channel.

Wiesn 2021
Wiesn 2021
8. Listen to traditional Wiesn music

What must not pale in a successful Wiesn evening is the music. So pick a playlist, turn up the music and sing along to "In M├╝nchen steht ein Hofbr├Ąuhaus" the whole evening!

9. Take a selfie at the Bavaria on the Theresienwiese

You're already perfectly prepared, you've got your traditional costume on, a Wiesn pretzel in one hand and the traditional beer in the other, then all you need is a selfie to capture the moment. Grab your friends, meet for a snack at the Bavaria and take your Wiesn selfie 2021. We are very excited about the result!

What's your favorite thing to do at the Wiesn? We love riding the chain carousel and seeing the city from above. So let's go and off to the next folk festival. How about the Schneeberg Wiesn?

Wiesn 2021
Wiesn 2021
11. Celebrate the Schneeberg-Wiesn

For all those who can't get enough of the Wiesn, there is a great event in Schneeberg in the Ore Mountains. Best book a camper right away, throw on your traditional costume and hit the road. Great concerts, traditional dishes and of course beer in beer mugs are waiting for you!

O'zapft is, also at our stations. Stop by and experience the Wiesn feeling in your camper.

Your FreewayCamper Team